China Weather Network News Today (21st), Beijing's temperature dropped slightly, with light rain in some areas. In the next two days, Beijing will turn on the warming mode again. The temperature may reach 24 ° C. The minimum temperature is still in single digits. The temperature difference between day and night is large. Beware of colds. In addition, the recent warmth is full, the weather is dry, Beijing pollen concentration is high, allergic people need to pay attention to protection.

The spring equinox entered the weather yesterday. The temperature in Beijing is also very suitable. The lowest temperature in the southern suburbs in the morning is 6 ° C. The highest temperature during the day soars to 24.1 ° C. It feels very warm in the afternoon. Recently, the temperature in Beijing has risen significantly, the air is relatively dry, and the pollen concentration has reached a very high level as a whole. People with allergies need to pay attention to protection.

This morning, Beijing Sun "faced". (Picture / Jiang Yi)

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that the temperature in Beijing will drop slightly today, but the temperature trend will not change. The highest temperature on the 23rd can reach 24 ° C again. Specifically, it turned cloudy to fine today, with scattered light rain in the northern mountainous areas, with a maximum temperature of 18 ° C and a minimum temperature of 3 ° C.

7-day city forecast for Beijing.

It is expected that the day after tomorrow, Beijing will still be mainly sunny, and the temperature will rise all the way. Under the blessing of the sun, the afternoon temperature is above 20 ° C and the body feels very warm, but the minimum temperature is between 6 ° C and 7 ° C, and the temperature difference between day and night is between Above 15 ° C. During the spring-summer alternation, the temperature in Beijing still fluctuates, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. It is warm and comfortable during the day, and the body feels colder in the morning and evening. You must adjust your clothing reasonably when traveling.

In addition, there is less precipitation and dry weather in Beijing recently. At present, the orange warning of forest fire danger is still in effect. Please pay attention to the safety of fire and electricity and beware of fire.