• FOOD: What foods can help you strengthen the immune system

Uncertainty, lack of physical activity and home confinement form an explosive cocktail for our mood. Falling into the temptation to contemplate food as comfort to our anxiety is, in this scenario, easier than ever.

How can we avoid them? Here are some guidelines:

1. Planning. Good planning of our menu is important to be clear about what to eat every day and so, when it comes to shopping, be as effective as possible. Responsibility asks us to leave as little as possible.

2. Avoid continuous pecking : The key is to stay well satiated.

How do we do it?

- With a good consumption of fruit and vegetables , they provide us with fiber and help us to go less hungry.

- Increasing protein intake also helps us to be satiated (fish, eggs, lean meats, ...)

- Also the consumption of healthy fats like nuts and avocado.

3. Keep well hydrated with water and infusions.

4. Enjoy meals. Try to make most meals a pleasant time, avoiding watching television at those times and more these days. If you live with people, it is an ideal time to share it with your family, if you live just play quiet music.

Try to put the plate "nice". Although it seems a silly detail, this will help you enjoy food more and enhance the feeling of satiety.

5. Don't diet : Keep in mind that now we move less, so our caloric expenditure will be less and to adapt to these, we would have to reduce the size of the portions we eat a little. This does NOT mean being very restrictive.

At this time it is vital to keep our immune system strong and very restrictive diets should not be followed, much less go online to find diets to lose weight in two weeks.

Also, if we are very strict with our diet right now and we ban certain foods we will probably end up eating everything that we were depriving ourselves of.

There are no prohibited foods! We must take care of our diet globally, but if you want, for example, a piece of chocolate, do not hesitate: eat it!

Andrea Ferrandis is an expert in sports nutrition and co-founder of Sanus Vitae

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