China News Network Wenzhou, March 19th (trainee reporter Zhou Yuelei and correspondent Cai Menglu and Zheng Zhengshuang) During the epidemic of the new crown pneumonia, epidemic prevention items such as masks became "hot items" for a while. However, some people are thinking about using buyer psychology to post false information on epidemic prevention materials such as masks, temperature guns, etc., to induce buyers to remit money in advance, and then spend the money. Recently, the Pingyang Police in Zhejiang Province cracked a fraud case involving epidemic situation, with the amount involved exceeding 1.58 million yuan. At present, the suspect Xu has been approved and arrested by the local people's procuratorate, and the case is under investigation.

Interrogation scene. Photo courtesy of Pingyang Police

Recently, the people in Shuitou Town, Pingyang County reported to the police station that they had been deceived by more than 30,000 yuan to buy masks on WeChat. According to the information provided by the victim, the Pingyang Police immediately organized a capable police force to carry out investigations and judgments, and soon locked the suspect Xu.

When the police were about to arrest Xu, they got the news: Xu was under pressure and had surrendered to the nearest police station.

During the trial, Xu confessed that he did not have epidemic prevention materials such as masks and temperature guns, but because of "tight-handedness", a criminal idea was born. Xu posted information on the false sale of epidemic prevention materials via the Internet. Due to shortage of materials, Xu has received multiple orders from all over the country. During the conversation, Xu tricked the buyer into "paying before shipping." Although many buyers have concerns, they still transferred to Xu. During this period, Xu used this method to "fail trial and error" and scammed eight victims in Guangdong, Shanxi, and Zhejiang, with a total fraud of more than 1.58 million yuan.

After the buyer transfers money, Xu delays delivery, and some buyers press hard and threaten to call the police. Seeing "the paper can't hold the fire", Xu was afraid and forced to return the more than 400,000 yuan obtained from the fraud to the buyer, but the rest of the money was squandered by him. (Finish)