(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Lanzhou Food and Beverage Industry Recovers Meals

China News Network Lanzhou, March 17 (Gao Kangdi Li Yalong) temperature measurement registration, single table, dining in the same direction, public spoon of chopsticks ... From the 17th, Gansu's catering industry fully resumed eating and dining, and the reporter visited the epidemic The catering industry in Lanzhou is gradually restored. Each person at the entrance of the restaurant is responsible for registering and disinfecting. Diners who come to dine consciously line up to measure the temperature at intervals of 1 meter, shouting "wait too long", "the more strict the more assured".

On the same day, the Gansu Provincial Department of Commerce and the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau jointly issued the "Emergency Notice on the Full Resumption of the Resumption of Business of Catering Enterprises", stating that from now on, all catering service units in Gansu will fully recover on the basis of establishing an epidemic prevention and control work system. Meals.

The reporter visited a number of restaurants in Lanzhou and found that many restaurants rarely have large-scale dinners. They are for two or three people at a table. Special arrangements for disinfection of the dining environment and the back kitchen, real-name registration for more than two people and provide " Public chopsticks and spoons "service.

The picture shows a single table for diners in Lanzhou Center, dining in the same direction. Photo by Gao Kangdi

"We all hold health certificates to ensure our health and ensure the health and safety of our ingredients," said Sun Haozhe, a noodle shop merchant in Qilihe District, Lanzhou City. "At present, there are not many diners, only a quarter of the previous. I believe Gradually people will increase. "

"Details are important." Mu Jiangfeng, deputy director of the Marketing Supervision and Administration Bureau of Qilihe District, Lanzhou City, said that cleaning and disinfection of public goods and training of employees on knowledge and awareness of the health and epidemic of the epidemic are compulsory courses for dining.

"The door has finally opened, and I am very satisfied. I ate noodles, potato chips, Oden, and grilled meat today." Dong Xiyun, a customer who is dining at Yuquan Villa in Lanzhou Center, told reporters that she only went out twice during the epidemic. The food you eat has opened. "Take a temperature test before meals, register, scan the code and fill in the number to see the activity track of the past half month."

"The fish is eaten right now, and the taste of the beef noodles is authentic." Restoring the meal satisfied the "plot" of dining in the local people's restaurant. Cheng Zhihuan, a customer eating at a beef noodle shop, told reporters that he would eat a bowl of warm beef noodles in the morning. It is complete.

The picture shows the staff of the Qilihe District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Lanzhou City supervising and inspecting the dining environment. Photo by Gao Kangdi

"I haven't eaten outside for a long time, and I'm here to help me." A customer who is dining in a Chinese restaurant told reporters: "The family who came to dine today is a family. The store still provided us with chopsticks. We should pay attention to hygiene and develop the habit of using chopsticks. "

"The restaurants and hotels cooperate well, and the customers have also accepted them very quickly." Liu Zhiqiang, deputy director of the Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that at present, all restaurants in Lanzhou that can be eaten are operated in accordance with public chopsticks and spoons, and it is expected that they will be fully implemented soon. .

Relevant persons in the catering industry also said that the epidemic gave the catering industry a chance to reflect. Many catering companies explored various methods of "fancy self-help", including cooperation with e-commerce platforms. These new attempts will be the current catering industry. Management provides new ideas and paths. (Finish)