Actor Kim So-eun shed tears as she recalled the late Jun Mi-sun.

Kim So-eun, who attended the press conference and press conference at the movie 'I Love You' at the Lotte Cinema World Tower in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 17th, said, "I feel well breathed and my daughter is well immersed in the movie. "It was easy to shoot in acting."

Next, "The most memorable scene is the scene where you wipe your mother's feet."

Kim So-eun said, “My teacher wasn't happy after that, but I was very sad while watching a movie.”

Jun Misun passed away in June last year at the age of 49. 'I love you' was filmed in October 2017 and became the second film released after the death of the deceased.

It seems to be a good opportunity to meet the deceased's acting to the audience who knew 'Naramalsami' as the last piece.

'Are you in love' is a fantasy romance between a cafe part-timer Jeong-soo (Kim So-eun) and Seung-jae (Seong-hun), the president of the cafe, who met a curious book that gives answers to love. Kim So-eun played the role of 'Sojeong', who lives with her single mother who suffers from dementia and survives every day.

The movie will be released on the 25th.

(Photo = Reporter Seungcheol Baek)

(Reporter Kim Ji-hye, SBS funE)