(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Xiangyang war epidemic: a bowl of beef noodles reproduce the ancient city's "firework gas"

China News Network, Xiangyang, March 16th: The "epidemic" in the battle of Xiangyang: a bowl of beef noodles recreates the "fireworks" of the ancient city

Hu Chuanlin

A bowl of beef noodles and a bowl of sweet rice wine are prematurely standard for Xiangyang people.

On March 16, Qinghe Road, Fancheng District, Xiangyang City, Hubei, the "Li Jia Beef Noodle Restaurant", which had been closed for nearly two months, resumed business.

I haven't tasted the beef noodles for a long time.

At 6:30 a.m. that day, Mr. Yang, who had just finished his night shift, drove 7 kilometers to "relieve".

"Beef and beef mixed, put more pepper and red oil." During the conversation, I saw the master of the restaurant picked up a handful of alkaline noodles and threw them into the bamboo hedge, and put the hedge into the boiling water and shake it gently for ten seconds. Then, pick it up and put it in a large bowl, pour it with hot red oil, scoop a large spoonful of beef and beef, and sprinkle with green onions and parsley. A bowl of fragrant beef noodles will come out of the pot.

"Don't look at my hot noodles, it only takes a few seconds, and it takes more than 4 hours to cook red oil," said the noodle chef. A bowl of fine beef noodles, the soup must be delicious, and the beef must be delicious. Among them, the most important thing is to boil red oil, each noodle restaurant has an exclusive recipe for each noodle restaurant.

Under the bridge of Xiangyang, residents line up to buy beef noodles. Photo by Hu Chuanlin

Mr. Yang lives in Xiangzhou District, Xiangyang City, and there is no beef noodle restaurant near the residence. On the evening of the 15th, when he learned through a circle of friends that a noodle shop in Fancheng opened, he met with 3 friends that night and went to work early to finish the night shift. "It's been almost two months since I ate beef noodles, and I feel very satisfied." Mr. Yang and 3 others, each of them packed a copy and went home.

On March 15th, Xiangyang City issued a "Notice." From the 16th, all levels of institutions and institutions in the city resumed normal work. At the same time, most communities have begun to unblock, and residents can walk out of the community after measuring their body temperature with their health codes. Some breakfast noodle restaurants and fast food companies have resumed business, but they can only be taken away or delivered without contact. They are not allowed to gather in stores.

There are several "well-known" beef noodle restaurants gathered under the bridge head of Fancheng in Xiangyang City. Hundreds of thousands of diners come here every morning to eat Xiangyang beef noodles, and several specialty shops are often hard to find.

At 7:30 a.m. on the same day, when the reporter came here, the four noodle shops were open for business. There were long queues in front of the door. Many community workers and volunteers stood at the door to help the store maintain order. Subsequently, the staff of the Xiangyang Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau came to the scene and walked into the store to supervise and check the implementation of the food safety and epidemic prevention and control measures of the merchants.

A bowl of noodles absorbs the essence of North and South cuisines, tells about the warm and contented city life, and enriches the fireworks in the ancient city of Xiangyang.

Law Enforcement Officer of Xiangyang Market Supervision Bureau Checks McDonald's Restaurant's Preparations for Resumption of Work

Mr. Chen, a citizen, bought three copies at a time and said that everyone in the family likes to eat one, and he has been looking forward to this day.

At McDonald's and KFC restaurants near People's Square in Fancheng District, shop assistants are doing sanitary cleaning and disinfection before returning to work. Both store managers stated that if the application is successful, they will officially open for business on the 17th, but they will close the store, only accept online booking, and deliver to the home without contact throughout the process.

Guo Fangfang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Xiangyang Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, said that at present, 37 breakfast households in the city have been approved for business opening, and have registered with the market supervision department for registration and submitted a letter of commitment. In the next step, the market supervision department will continue to optimize services, provide convenience to business operators who meet the operating conditions, and orderly promote the resumption of work and production.

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, buses in Xiangyang City have always maintained the capacity of the main lines. From the 12th, 7 bus lines resumed the original line operation, 15 bus lines were adjusted for the first and last time, and other bus lines are gradually being restored. From the 15th, Xiangyang officially resumed the city-county inter-city passenger routes. From the 16th, the major hospitals in Xiangyang City have basically resumed the normal order of diagnosis and treatment.

Walking along the streets and alleys of the ancient city of Xiangyang, the traffic flow increased significantly, adding a bit of "firework". On both sides of the Han River, willow branches hang low, peach blossoms bloom, and the footsteps of spring are coming quietly. (Finish)