Hunan New Crown Pneumonia confirmed patients cleared, the last case was discharged today!

At 2 pm on March 14, Ms. Liu, the last patient diagnosed with new crown pneumonia in Changsha City, was discharged after treatment at the First Hospital of Changsha.

So far, all the confirmed cases in Changsha have been cleared. This also marks the clearing of patients diagnosed with Hunan New Crown Pneumonia!

Xie Yuanlin, deputy director of Changsha First Hospital and leader of the medical treatment team, introduced: Ms. Liu, a person from Changsha, was transferred to the Changsha Public Health Treatment Center (the North Hospital of Changsha First Hospital) on February 10 for treatment. The patient was actively treated and cared for carefully. The two consecutive new nucleic acid tests for pneumonia were negative and met the discharge criteria.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Changsha City, as the nearest provincial capital city to Wuhan, has a high density of personnel and a large flow of patients. The number of patients admitted to the hospital is severe and the body weight is large. The task of preventing and controlling the epidemic is very difficult. In accordance with the principle of “concentrating patients, experts, resources, and treatment”, Changsha City strictly implements early diagnosis, early treatment, integration of Chinese and western medicine, comprehensive policy, and precise treatment, and should receive and treat all confirmed cases in Changsha. Since the first confirmed case of Changsha City was confirmed by the National Health and Health Commission on January 21, a total of 242 confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia have been treated in Changsha City, of which 45 were severe and critically ill. After 54 days of running against time and competing against the disease, the goals of clearing all confirmed cases in hospital and zero infection of all medical staff were achieved.

Since the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, a total of 1018 cases have been confirmed in Hunan Province, including 150 severe cases and 4 deaths.

Hunan Provincial New Crown Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters said that clearing does not mean zero risk. The epidemic prevention and control is still at a critical period. Risks such as resumption of work, resumption of production, and overseas imported epidemics continue to exist. The province will not relax and pay close attention to prevention and control until the epidemic is completely resolved.