Why choose a voiceover monologue? What do you like in framing Chongqing?

See the full story behind the scenes of the web drama "Rebirth"

The well-known actor Zhang Yi's debut online drama "Rebirth" has just updated the first five episodes and scored 7.8 points on Douban. The repeated scenes of the mountain city in the play have made countless Chongqing viewers particularly kind. In addition to the scene location in Chongqing, Zhang Yi and Zhao Jinmai's "uncle and loli combination", some people think "playing" and some people think "quite flavorful" voice-over monologues have aroused heated debate. Yesterday, the Chongqing Morning News · Upstream News reporters talked with the two producers of "Rebirth", Dun Qi and Zhang Weiwei, to listen to their behind-the-scenes interpretation.

Voiceover is for literary art

Just watching Dunqi and Zhang Weiwei's names may be strange to many audiences, but most of their previous works should have been seen. Dun Qi has produced a large number of classics such as "Happiness Like Flowers", "Golden Wedding" and "Zhen Huan Biography"; Zhang Weiwei has released explosive dramas such as "Mr. Good", "Mr. Love" and "Kyushu Record". But when talking about the production of "Rebirth", Dun Qi still showed great caution. There is no doubt that "Rebirth" is an industry drama. "It is an evergreen tree in the market, but it also means that the shooting threshold is high. It must be accepted by the audience and recognized by the industry. It is a test of the professionalism of the production team."

"Rebirth" is also the first criminal investigation drama by another producer Zhang Weiwei. "Because this is the first time, we have made new attempts on music and animation based on the basic shooting method of a suspense drama." And for these innovations, Zhang Weiwei has almost moved to the excellent team he has worked with. In the crew of "Rebirth": They include Li Peng, the director of photography of "Kyushu Record", "Mr. Good", Yu Zibo, a sound engineer who has won various recording awards, "Mr. Love", "Mr. Good", "Mr. Love", and "Xiaohuai" "Zhang Wen, editor of" Old Cannon ".

From the first episode, voice-overs that resemble inner monologues have taken up a lot of space in Rebirth: Qin Chi (Zhang Yishi), when facing an amnesiatic self, almost all his thoughts are expressed by voice-overs. , His assistant Lu Mingjia (Zhang Haowei) took the voice of Wuwei in the aura of the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau as a voiceover ... Some netizens thought it was "very dramatic", and some netizens said that "it's pretty Have a different taste. "

"I think (voiceover) has a very artistic temperament." According to Zhang Weiwei, the voiceover was originally set up in the script by the screenwriter's fingerprints. Zhang Weiwei said that they hope that this combination will help "Rebirth" break the circle and be accepted by more audiences. "If you have different opinions, you can discuss them together."

Framing takes Chongqing's mysterious temperament

As this newspaper reported earlier, there have been no fewer than 10 Chongqing landmarks in the first 5 episodes alone. The reason why "Rebirth" was set in Chongqing, Zhang Weiwei said that it was based on the consideration of the atmosphere of the episode. Chongqing gave it a mysterious temperament and made the plot more hierarchical.

According to reports, director Yang Dong particularly agrees with the texture of Chongqing. "We can see the living conditions of different classes, just like the business elite in suits and rebirths, or the sanitation workers representing the working people at the bottom. Zhang Weiwei said, of course, the landscape surrounded by Chongqing also added some hardships to the shooting. "The entire shooting process is very grateful to the Chongqing police for their strong support."

I don't know if you are paying attention to the intense plot, have you paid attention to the costumes of the stars in "Rebirth". In this regard, the crew also spent a lot of effort to fit the characters as much as possible. For example, Qin Chi's clothes are mostly medium-length styles, mainly in solid colors; Lu Mingjia is relatively young, and his jackets are mainly jackets, and he pays more attention to fashion; Qiu Dongyang is older, and his clothes are all trench coats, which set off a stable temperament. .

Four unit cases address different social topics

From the first 5 episodes, it can be seen that there are three groups of the most important relationships in Rebirth: Qin Chi played by Zhang Yi and his ex-wife Feng Xiao (Zhao Ziqi), assistant Lu Mingjia (Zhang Haowei) and "714 Guns" The relationship between the principal's sister Chen Rui (Zhao Jinmai). Among them, the combination of Qin Chi and Chen Rui's uncle and Luo Li was the most eye-catching.

In fact, the opponent's play of this combination is also particularly valued by the main creative team. Zhang Weiwei said, "Chen Rui is a very difficult character. There are action plays and emotional plays, which have strict requirements on images and performances. But Mai Mai and Zhang Yi's partner is really very tacit, never dropped the chain, dialogue, eyes, gestures ... all cooperate very well. "

According to reports, director Yang Dong also joked that Zhao Jinmai was "Jinmailang's elastic surface" on the set: it has aura, quick response, and a little pass. In the cooperation, Zhang Yi also compared with Zhao Jinmai who was two rounds smaller. "She is the most mature of the actors of the same age I have met, and I was surprised by many subconscious performances. Especially The crying scene is very sad. "

At the same time, it is worth noting that Zhang Weiwei specifically mentioned that Rebirth wanted to express not only the rebirth of Qin Chi, but also the rebirth of a group of people. Speaking of which, he also spoiled a little, "Rebirth" contains four case units. The topics they express are actually closely related to social topics. For example, the first case in which the whole family was murdered showed the harm of "domestic violence". The case of Fan Kai, who is currently being declassified, focuses on the topic of parenthood and how to balance family business. The third unit case, which will be updated soon, is closely related to idols, and the key word in the fourth case is friends.

Chongqing Morning Post · Upstream News Reporter Kong Lingqiang