A student in Shandong insulted the teacher on the Internet and was suspended after an apology

Beijing News (Reporter Qi Chao Wang Ruiwen) On March 12, a video of students quarreling with their teachers during online classes aroused attention. In the video conversation, the students believed that the teacher was demeaning and abused the teacher for several minutes. Today (March 13), a reporter from the Beijing News learned from New Oriental Jinan School that after the incident, student Song Mou had apologized to the teacher. Online classes for students involved have been stopped.

The online video showed that during the live broadcast of the online class, Song thought that the teacher was insulting and degrading himself. In the video, the two people roared in dialect to "why are you pestering (insulting, taunting)?" During the conversation with the teacher, Song was inappropriate and emotional. The teacher explained that he did not insult the students, but just criticized the students for their attitudes such as being late for class. The length of the online video showed that Song's argument with the teacher lasted 8 minutes.

Today, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from a teacher at the New Oriental Jinan School that the quarrel in the video occurred approximately at the beginning of the online class.

The Beijing News reporter learned that the teacher who was abused in the video was the chemistry teacher of New Oriental in Jinan. The above teacher told reporters that Teacher Yi usually has a good temper. If students insult the teacher, the school will consider the cause and effect of the incident. "If the nature is bad, feedback will be sent directly to the class teacher, including the supervision quality inspection."

Today, a staff member of the New Oriental Jinan School Office told reporters that after the incident, students and parents have apologized to the teacher. At present, the students involved have been suspended from online classes.