During a conversation with host Dennis Miller, Dunham talked about the problems faced by stand-up comedians, the biggest risk - a puppet parody of a terrorist - attempts to break through to Johnny Krason's Evening Show and the numerous failures associated with them.

“Failure after failure for several years. And why? “It's not funny enough for the Johnny show. To play there, you need to be funny, ”Dunham emphasized.

In addition, the ventriloquist recalled how he entered the profession.

“In the third grade, I got the first doll, so it all started. Growing up and doing this was curious, because at first it all came down to something like that: “Oh, what a sweet little ventriloquist!” The audience laughed eagerly. By the time I went to college, people had already stopped touching, ”said the artist.

See the full version of the interview in Russian on RTD.

Dennis Miller is an American actor, commentator, comedian and five-time winner of the Emmy Award. New episodes of Dennis Miller + one will be released every week on Mondays and Wednesdays.