China News Service, March 12th. According to the Hong Kong Wenhui website, a group in Hong Kong held a rally in Chater Garden, Central, Hong Kong on the afternoon of January 19, during which violent acts occurred. Police demanded that the organizers suspend the rally when they were attacked by mobs and four police officers were injured. Police arrested seven men, aged between 13 and 34, on suspicion of wounding and illegal assembly yesterday. Except for the 13-year-old boy who was released on bail, the remaining 6 persons are still being detained for investigation.

Police said the group had received a notice of no objection from the police and held a rally in Chater Garden, Central on the afternoon of January 19. However, violent acts occurred during the event, and the police later called for the assembly to be suspended.

During the coordination between the police and the organizer, someone deliberately made trouble for the police officers, causing confusion at the scene. A large number of thugs surrounded four police officers with punches and kicks, and some attacked the police with hard objects such as umbrellas and bricks. All four police officers suffered injuries to varying degrees, including head lacerations, fractured fingers, ruptured skulls, etc. and required surgery.

Police also stated that six of the seven persons arrested were aged 20 and under. The police are concerned about relatively young people involved in cases of serious violence and urged young people not to be easily encouraged, thinking that it would be fine to break the law in a crowded scene. The police will thoroughly investigate all illegal violence and bring the perpetrators to justice.