Aichi Toyota confirmed infection in a woman in her 30s Contact with a man confirmed to be infected at a restaurant March 12 20:10

Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, announced that women in their 30s in the city were infected with the new coronavirus. The woman was told that a man in his 50s in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture, was in contact with a man at a restaurant that dropped in on the day that the infection was confirmed.

According to a press conference in Toyota City, the woman had fever and sore throat since the 8th of this month, and as a result of the examination, the infection was confirmed on the 12th.

Currently, there is no heat and the body is stable.

The woman confirmed that she was in contact with a man in one of several restaurants that had dropped in on the 4th of this month when a man in his 50s from Gamagori City was confirmed infected. I do not.

The woman is in contact with several family members who live with her, and the city says she will monitor the process. Infections in Aichi Prefecture were 105.