[Explanation] Hot pot, hot pot owner turned into a webcaster on Guaiquan online ... Although offline hot pot restaurants stopped serving meals during the epidemic, they couldn't stop Chongqing citizens' enthusiasm for hot pot. Recently, Chongqing citizens have set off a new upsurge in Chongqing hot pot.

[Explanation] In order to alleviate the impact of the epidemic, the Chongqing hotpot restaurant industry has launched a “Chongqing Zhaijia Hotpot Festival” with the participation of the whole people. More than 200 hotpot companies of major brands in Chongqing, hotpot industry coffee, and food anchor live broadcast Zhaijia Hotpot. Creative dishes are hard-core, while citizens create home-made various hot pot creative ways at home.

[Explanation] The relevant person in charge of Qin Ma Hotpot Restaurant told reporters that they provided takeaway discounts and other measures for the citizens who asked for hotpots in the video, so that the citizens can “hot air” hot pots and “guess fists” to sing. pleasure.

[Same period] Li Xinyu, head of Chongqing Qinma Hotpot

We will also launch a variety of activities, as well as friends online to enjoy wine and hot pot together, so that everyone can experience the lively festive atmosphere at home.

[Explanation] Hot pot takeaway + live broadcast mode is a brand new experience for Chongqing hot pot industry. The relevant person in charge of Sister Pei's old hot pot told reporters that the online "late-night cafeteria" they launched, hot pot restaurant owners interacted with netizens while eating hot pot, and the number of online viewers in the live broadcast room exceeded 1.3 million.

[Same period] Yan Dongsheng, the old hot pot person in charge of Chongqing Sister

The live event has the introduction of our various discounts and our lucky draw, just like the hot pot festival scene.

[Explanation] The relevant person in charge of Chongqing Brother Zhou Dadao Waist Hot Pot introduced that since the launch of Zhaijia Hot Pot Festival, their take-out order has exceeded 10,000 orders. The staff turned into food anchors and introduced the special dishes in the shop, which became a hot item for online orders.

[Contemporary] Brother Chongqing Zhou Dadao waist hot pot staff

Let's try our sword blade for everyone, and see if it's crispy, not crispy or fragrant.

[Contemporary] Liu Zhifa, the person in charge of Chongqing Hot Pot

Since the launch of the Hot Pot Festival, our single volume has exceeded 10,000, and the response is still relatively good. If we single volume per day, it has reached more than 1,000.

[Explanation] At the same time, some of the ingredients featuring handmade original ecology have also become a must-order for hot pot take-out for residents of the "home". The head of Chongqing local hot pot restaurant told reporters that they adjusted the dishes in a timely manner to cater to local citizens For taste requirements, only thousands of servings of handmade flour and single products per day are sought after by many citizens.

[Contemporary] Zhang Wei, Head of Chongqing Local Hot Pot Restaurant

After the epidemic came, we made some product adjustments. In order to meet the preferences of more locals in Chongqing, Maodu and Duck Intestines have become the favorite of Chongqing people, as well as handmade flour like Wulong. A dark horse later became our top three seller.

[Explanation] In the face of the epidemic, Chongqing hot pot broke out on the line, while eating and doing business, hot pot base and takeaway sales have started a new round of soaring.

Reporter Jia Nan reports from Chongqing

Editor-in-chief: [Li Yuxin]