After hours of controversy, the Egyptian music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim decided his separation from his wife, the star, Angham, after yesterday he denied the divorce and said in more than one hadith that she was still in his infancy, but hours ago he resolved matters with a picture of him with melodies accompanied by a post on his Instagram page, in which he said, I love her and everyone knows and I do not accept any offense to her or bidding on my love and appreciation for her. ”In the post, Ibrahim admitted that he was sorry for the tunes that what will be between them will live in his memory. Sympathetic and critic varied response D The verb about Angham's divorce, where some considered what happened as a natural result because she ruined the house of Abraham and married him, even though he has a family and a wife, and others blame Abraham and held him responsible, not the melodies

Ibrahim had published a photo yesterday, on the International Women's Day for his first wife, Yasmine Essa, a mother and his two sons, and accompanied the photo with a comment in which he said, "On International Women's Day, a greeting to the faithful great who preserved my home in my absence, I knew the value of the birth of assets."
This comment was a prelude to the news of his separation from Angham, especially that they did not publish any picture that combined them for more than two months, in addition to the presence of news confirming that the separation took place several months ago, and there is discreetness in his announcement.

It is reported that Angham and Ibrahim announced their marriage at the beginning of last year after a love story that brought them together in preparation for the album "a very special case". Because of this marriage, Ibrahim was separated from his first wife, Yasmine, and then returned to marriage again in order to preserve the lives of their two children.

Did you get tunes because of an image on "Instagram"?