Tochigi Nasushiobara Onsen area and other guests cancel about 45,000 for 7:24 on March 7

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, in Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture, cancellations of guests such as hot spring resorts have risen to approximately 45,000 since last month, affecting local tourism.

Nasushiobara city in Tochigi prefecture is known for its hot spring towns such as Shiobara hot spring and Itamuro hot spring.

According to the city's tourism promotion group as of February 2, the number of guests who canceled at 72 hotels and inns in the city last month was about 20,000 due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Means 25,000, a total of 45,000.

At the ryokan at Shiobara Onsen, cancellations of hotel guests by group guests have increased significantly since the government requested temporary closure of elementary and junior high schools last week.

The number of guests this month, including reservations, has decreased to about 40% compared to the same time last year, and it is said that there are few accommodation reservations until early next month.

Mr. Shosuke Kimijima, president of the hot spring inn "Kounso", said, "Cancellation is feeling impending in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake.