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  • In "Spenser Confidential", Mark Wahlberg plays a former police officer who declares war on corruption.
  • He finds a role to match in the skin of this determined man.
  • Peter Berg highlights it thanks to a nervous staging.

It's been a while since we saw Mark Wahlberg as fit as in Peter Berg's Spenser Confidential , available on Netflix. The actor finds a role of surly vindicator in this thriller on a former cop who launches into a perilous investigation after being released from prison.

Corruption, drug trafficking and settling of accounts are on the menu in this successful adaptation of an Ace Atkins novel that marks the fifth collaboration between Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg after Blood and Tears , Hunt in Boston , Deepwater and 22 Miles . "I am happy to have found Peter because we have the same conception of the profession, the same taste to try exciting things", explains the actor in the press kit. 20 Minutes explains why this role and this story go so well for the actor whose voice we will hear on the animated film Scooby! , next May 13.

Mark is a cop and a thug

The hero of Spenser Confidential , half-cop half-rogue, seems to have been written for Mark Wahlberg, ideal actor to make pass at the same time the side "brave guy incorruptible" and "hothead unable to follow the rules". This duality makes the character very tasty. The spectator feels on familiar ground while having enough surprises not to get bored.

Mark is fighting well

He puts the face of the bad guys full and takes his full! Mark Wahlberg fights like a rabid dog and we feel that he really has the aggression against traffickers and other bad subjects corrupt to the marrow. The scuffle scenes prove that he's still a king of the action, which Peter Berg's staging highlights with invigorating nervousness.

Mark is well surrounded

To highlight a star, you need partners who are up to the task. This is the case of the giant (1.96 meters), Winston Duke in a boxer with a heart of gold who becomes the friend of the hero. Alan Arkin, amazing mentor like Iliza Shlesinger as a girlfriend gets in there doing the job. As for singer Post Malone, his debut in cinema is remarkable as he devours the screen flying almost the limelight to Mark Wahlberg.

Mark loves his city

Mark Wahlberg is Bostonian and always proud to show it. The city is one of the main characters of this thriller where the action does not soften for almost two hours. We start to have a happy smile when a tasty ending suggests that we could go back with him on the occasion of a suite.


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