4100 cases per day, the largest number of cyber attacks The National Police Agency strengthens vigilance March 5 12:26

The National Police Agency has become more vigilant since last year, the number of suspicious communications suspected to be related to cyberattacks was about 4,100 per day, the highest ever.

The National Police Agency's Cyber ​​Force Center checks for suspicious communications on the Internet and monitors cyber attacks such as stealing information from companies and government agencies.

Last year, the number of accesses perceived to be related to cyber attacks was 4,192 per day, 1.5 times the previous year, the highest ever.

These communications are most commonly accessed via Russia, accounting for 18.7% of the total, and via the Netherlands, the United States and China.

In addition, many companies seem to be targeting services related to "telework" that companies have introduced through work style reforms.

Even after that, it turned out that Mitsubishi Electric and NEC, major electrical manufacturers with contracts with the Ministry of Defense, had been attacked by cyber attacks, and the National Police Agency has become even more alert before the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. You.