Prosecutor-General of Tokyo High Public Prosecutor Extends Retirement Nine Groups including Lawyers and Academics Protest Statement March 5 18:02

Nine groups made up of attorneys and scholars will hold a joint conference on the retirement extension of Kurokawa Attorney General of Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office, and withdraw the retirement extension, saying that "extension is illegal and will disrupt the prosecution administration." Issued a protest statement calling for his resignation.

The Tokyo Attorney General's Attorney General Kurokawa was set to retire at the age of 63 last month, but the government will change the interpretation of the law so far and extend the retirement age and appoint Mr. Kurokawa as the next attorney general Some say that this is a measure for the future.

Nine groups such as the "Social and Cultural Law Center" and the "Jijutsu Bar" made by lawyers and scholars held a press conference in Tokyo on May 5 and jointly issued a protest statement.

The statement said, "The prosecutor-general has been strictly reluctant to intervene in the presidential affairs of the successive LDP governments on a breakwater that prevents unjust intervention in prosecuting political power. Objections have erupted from the ruling party and the Public Prosecutor's Office as a result of this event, "said Mr. Kurokawa, calling for the withdrawal of the Cabinet decision to allow retirement and the resignation of Mr. Kurokawa.

Attorney Yuichi Kaiwatari said, "Extending the retirement age is illegal, violating the prosecution philosophy of strict, impartial and unbiased, and ruining the prosecution's administration. Major matters related to the fundamentals of Japanese judiciary and democracy And we will continue to fight in the future. "

On this issue, Minister of Justice Mori told the Upper House Budget Committee on Tuesday, "I have doubts as if it were a HR intervention in the official residence, but it is completely unfounded. ".