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"... You are a good person", that is how chef Pepe Rodríguez's visit to El Hormiguero began last night . They were the first words that Pablo Motos said to the chef of El Bohío, who was very pleased to be on the program and that he started the interview by making it very easy: "When I went down and entered here I felt the same as Real Madrid players when they go out through the changing room tunnel. Thank you. " I couldn't make it easier. And it is that with Pepe Rodríguez even the most complicated seems simple. It is that humility that overflows through all the pores of your skin, it is that humility that was shown last night in El Hormiguero.

A Michelin star chef, a chef whose restaurant has been rated as the number one user of El Tenedor, a chef with a restaurant where kings go and listen to him talk about the kitchen, his restaurant, his work and nothing squeaks , nothing sounds pedantic, nothing sounds like a chef of techniques, colorinchis and overflowing creativity. Everything sounds like he loves what he does, everything sounds like he doesn't bite in the kitchen now, but he keeps singing the commands, everything sounds like he will never lose the thread of his kitchen, his grandmother's kitchen, his mother's kitchen , the traditional one.

It is no surprise because Pepe Rodríguez has said it and has shown it many times in Masterchef. Little has surprised his piques with his great friend Jordi Cruz for creativity and the fusion of one and the traditional of the other. Pepe Rodríguez swells his plume every time he talks about the kitchen who taught him how to cook. And maybe that's why Pepe Rodríguez loves him so much.

"When the public says hey I like this restaurant, it is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you", because for Pepe Rodríguez, his guests are the most important thing. And he has them of all types, from those who roll up and you have to send the waiters to punch them out, those who are angry and do not focus on eating, those who are in love and take 10 minutes to eat a lid and those who call to the chef to be the one who handed the ring of request to her boyfriend. And what does Pepe Rodríguez do? Well, he does it even if he is ashamed, because without his clients, without his guests he knows that El Bohío would not be El Bohío.

Its guests and the equipment behind it, which allows everything to work as a perfectly oiled machinery. "Now it's my turn to think more than to run. Now I have a team behind me so I can think. How beautiful that is!"

"Paco de Lucía said you screwed me by putting me at number one because now I can't fail," Pablo Motos told him at a time during the interview and Pepe Rodríguez took his humility for a walk again. Impossible not to worship him. "I am not the number one of anything, but I put the maximum pressure on me. What tends me all day is not to fail. It is supposed to be all perfect and good, we look for it." Made in Pepe Rodríguez.

If something made clear to me last night's interview is that, although you may think otherwise, Pepe Rodríguez continues to run his restaurant, continues to greet his guests, continues to listen to the criticism and continues to leave his horns for much fame that he now leads backpack.

"Yes, I go out and they always tell me the same thing, that if I am younger, that if I am thinner, than if I am more handsome. And I tell them that if they are confusing me with Jordi Cruz. Yes, they tell me every day , but I keep going out (...) Yes, they criticize me and I appreciate it. You have to know how to differentiate between what you think and who knows, that you are a minority. That day I go humpback. Then I forget, but in that moment you go humpback. " And Pepe Rodríguez accepts them, thanks them, fuck him, but the next day to correct and start over.

Because last night Pepe Rodríguez told a few anecdotes of what can happen in a restaurant because as he said, in a restaurant "so many things happen" because it is not just a place to eat is "the concept that everyone has of a restaurant ". Olé!

Pepe Rodríguez confirmed last night what is seen in each Masterchef program, which is as tender, as humble as when we see the applicants judge. But Pepe Rodríguez was also seen that if he has to get it bent, he puts it in, and since Pablo Motos threw himself a good time, Pepe Rodríguez did not hesitate to return it to him. Without much pain, but without cutting a hair.

Pablo Motos complained about many things about restaurants and one of them was the noise. Obviously Pepe Rodríguez told him that that was not the fault of the restaurant but of the diners and it was very clear: "Unless you go to more serious restaurants, I see that you have gone to a few, there are more organized restaurants, with more separation .. . " There is that. Of course, "you are the king of television, and to the kings what they ask us" because King Bohemian has gone to the King, the father of King Emeritus has gone and Pepe Rodriguez put the gin he asked for and made him an omelet French, then to Pablo Motos if he wants an omelet of 12 whites, then of 12 whites.

But what Pepe Rodríguez won't do is get intensive, or make them a super creative chef. Pepe Rodríguez is what he is and does not disheveled if he has to say things as he thinks, feels and works them: "I am so lazy the chefs who get intense with creativity. The first dish he had success was a version we made of old clothes and that dish was a guide from a critic who gave him dish of the year. And from there we have made many versions. But always dishes that remind me of my grandmother. "

You can say clearer, but not louder. The intense ones, from which he has also learned and those he respects, just and necessary. Because Pepe Rodríguez showed himself in El Hormiguero as he is, without a trap or cardboard, as he was seen last night in El Hormiguero and as seen in Masterchef. It's a luxury to see the humility you think you might not have, and Pepe Rodríguez is just that, humility.

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