(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Inner Mongolia non-heritage inheritors use paper-cut Acura to fight "epidemic" heroes

China News Network Bayannaoer March 2 (Reporter Zhang Linhu) "The SARS of 17 years ago, when the academician of Nanshan Clock, said," Send the heavy patient to me "has always made me remember. This time (new crown ) Pneumonia epidemic, when I learned that Academician Zhong and others re-entered the battle, I felt a lot of emotion, so I want to pay tribute to them in my own way. "On March 2, Zhao Huiping, Wulate Qian Banner, Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region .

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Zhao Huiping has been moved every day by frontline medical staff, police and community workers. As a heritage of paper-cut intangible cultural heritage, she decided to contribute her modest strength, create with concentration, and cut images for heroes.

During the creative period, Zhao Huiping repeatedly studied and carefully figured out the morphological characteristics of the characters and devoted herself. After finally designing, drawing, modifying, and cutting four steps, her first work "Chinese Backbone" was successfully completed.

The picture shows a paper-cut work created by Zhao Huiping. Photo by Zhang Linhu

"Our era and our country need heroes like Academician Zhong Nanshan. We should pay tribute to such heroes, set up such heroes, and follow such heroes." Zhao Huiping said.

During this time, Zhao Huiping used her scissors and red paper to sing and fight against the "epidemic" heroes, and she successively created paper-cut works such as "A Tribute to the Southern Mountain and a Tribute to China's Backbone" and "Combat, Go Home". Among these works, there are not only academician Zhong who is busy for the epidemic, but also front-line personnel who are confronted with the virus ... Each frame, each piece is cleverly conceived and full of rich imagination, which not only inspires morale but also promotes Epidemic prevention knowledge.

"Everyone is an experienced person and a participant in the fight against the epidemic. I hope to take the initiative to join this battle, write about the beauty, and convey the true feelings on earth." Zhao Huiping said. (Finish)