Beijing News (Reporter Lu Yifu) Two companies that rushed to register Wuhan City Hospital ophthalmologist Li Wenliang apologized publicly for the trademark. On the evening of February 27, the legal representative of Changsha Fuchatang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. issued an apology letter saying that he had deeply recognized the seriousness of the problem and had taken the initiative to withdraw the relevant trademark application.

Dongguan Tres Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. posted an apology letter from the legal representative on the official website, stating that he has deeply recognized his wrongdoing and has withdrawn all relevant trademark applications, hoping to obtain social understanding.

The company's investigation data showed that on February 7, Changsha Fuchatang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. applied for a total of 4 trademarks of "Wen Liang" and "Li Wen Liang", which are categories of convenience food, medicine, and medical devices, and their states are awaiting review; 2 On May 13th and 15th, Dongguan Tres Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. applied for a total of five registered trademarks "Li Wenliang", which were classified as medical equipment, clothing and shoes, medicine, advertising sales, and convenience food. The status is also pending review.

According to the News Office of the Tianxin District of Changsha, the Changsha Intellectual Property Office will work with relevant departments to further strictly control and severely crack down on the application for registration of abnormal trademarks related to the epidemic situation, and effectively regulate the order of trademark registration.

The State Intellectual Property Office stated on the official Weibo on February 28 that Li Wenliang was an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital. He died unfortunately after receiving a new contract of pneumonia. The use or registration of his name as a trademark is likely to cause significant social adverse effects. , "Li Wenliang" trademark registration application shall be rejected according to law.