A new confirmed case of new crown pneumonia in Hong Kong, with patients returning to Hong Kong as Diamond Princess

[Global Network Report] The Hong Kong Health Protection Center of the Hong Kong Department of Health announced at a press conference on the afternoon of the 28th that a new confirmed case of new pneumonia in Hong Kong was added. So far, the cumulative number of confirmed diagnoses in Hong Kong has increased to 94.

The Centre for Health Protection said that the new 61-year-old female patient was the first person to return to Hong Kong from the "Diamond Princess" cruise by charter flight from Hong Kong Government, and has never experienced symptoms.

Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Centre for Health Protection, said that the female patient went to the cruise with her husband, sister, and husband-in-law, and had no other exposure history with her husband. Reaction, so she was rushed to Queen Mary Hospital and was confirmed on the 28th.