Zhongshan Park Concert Hall launches a series of videos, free of charge to help artists

"Online Concert" is the feeling and the future

Reporter Gao Qian

Since the outbreak, in order to reduce the gathering of people, major theaters have cancelled recent activities, and Zhongshan Park Concert Hall is no exception. In the past two days, the Concert Hall announced that it will continue to cancel March performances. During these days when we can't meet in the theater, the music is still far from the people who love it. Opening the WeChat public account of the Zhongshan Park Concert Hall, the organ is solemn and solemn, the piano flute has a long artistic conception, the guitar is romantic and gentle, and more than a dozen public welfare "online concerts" have different styles, but they are all touching. Bringing "performance" online is not only the artist's feelings, but also the opportunity for the future development of the theater.

The temporary suspension of performances does not mean that the theater can be closed on holidays. On January 24, the 30th day of the Chinese New Year, the Zhongshan Park Concert Hall announced the cancellation of the performances during the Spring Festival. Since then, the performances in February and March have been cancelled. Without the audience coming and going, the theater is far more deserted than usual, but there is still much work to be done. "A performance venue requires maintenance of equipment and daily inspections in terms of safety." Before the telephone interview, Xu Jian, general manager of Beijing Poly Forbidden City Theater Management Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan Park Concert Hall, just went around the theater.

There are also staff on duty next to the consultation phone. Every day from 9am to 5pm, there are always a few calls. In order to avoid personnel contact as much as possible, so that the audience can stay at home with peace of mind, several rounds of refunds were conducted online. The specific operation method has been written in the relevant push of the WeChat public account, but because of the many performances involved, the purchase Tickets vary, and some viewers prefer to learn more by phone.

"We have been following the development of the epidemic." After the epidemic broke out, everyone knew from the news and data that the epidemic would not end soon. "Can't you always wait?" The theater could not come, but The network was not interrupted, so the Music Hall carefully selected some good videos from the existing live videos and shared them with fans via WeChat public account for free.

On February 8, the Lantern Festival, the first half of the 20th Anniversary Concert concert on April 21 last year was launched as the first "online concert", in "Kangding Love Song" "In the moving melody of other tracks, this special Lantern Festival is a little more joyful. Next, performance videos by artists such as Hu Fei, Song Fei, Pipa, Wu Yuxia, Pianist, Sheng Yuan, and Gu Feng, Li Fengyun, etc. are coming online. Every face is an old friend here. ".

Every push for "online concerts" has this sentence: "This series of videos are authorized by the artist for free." After hearing the proposal of the concert hall, without resignation and hesitation, the artists who appeared in the photo quickly responded. "Everyone is thinking about what they can do." While authorizing the video, the artists also sent their most sincere message: the famous soprano singer Liping Zhang grew up in Wuhan, saying "As a Hubei, The heart is in Wuhan ", with few crosses, full of thoughts and concerns; young harp player Sun Shimeng has performed many times in Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall, where the audience is" enthusiastic and professional ". She sent a blessing remotely with "Hong Lake Water and Waves", which was born in Hubei. "As expressed in this song, the battle will eventually win, and the peace and tranquility will eventually return. Hope all medical staff will be safe. In difficult times, I look forward to winter and spring! "

This outbreak always reminds people of SARS in 2003. That year, the concert hall also experienced a similar situation.

Xu Jian always remembers that the spring is here, and the Zhongshan Park where the concert hall is located is full of flowers, but the huge park is empty and there are almost no people. The concert hall canceled all the performances, and it slowly recovered until around summer vacation. "At that time, all we could do was wait." Xu Jian recalled. The Internet makes everything different from the past. "Everyone has a way to keep in touch with each other and express their thoughts." Thanks to the Internet, even though the theater is temporarily closed, the audience can still get online from the "performance". Find the comfort that art brings.

Like the Zhongshan Park Concert Hall, there are many more theaters that transfer performances and art popularization to online theaters. After this "epidemic", for "physical" theaters, the importance of sophisticated live performances of "stock hoarding" and pioneering online communication has become more and more self-evident. The popularization of domestic theater art is still in its infancy. In addition to the impact of the epidemic, during this time, online "performances" are mostly free public welfare initiatives. In Europe and the United States, where classical arts are more deeply cultivated, many similar videos need to be paid. Christopher Weidall, Minister of Digital Development of the Vienna State Opera, once said that he hopes to use the payment to convey the concept of "art is valuable" to the audience. "No theater is expected to use this to increase economic returns, but these things must be Valuable, you don't need to pay much, but you need to pay. "Regardless of copyright or the efforts of artists and behind-the-scenes workers, paying represents a respect.