Actor Lee Si-eon joins the Corona 19 donation procession and receives bad comments from some netizens.

On the 27th of the afternoon, Lee Si-eon posted a screen shot of 1 million won to Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association with an article saying "I hope it will be a little help." On the occasion of donation, "I saw Seyun's good work and I did it."

Earlier, Gagman Yoo Se-yoon announced that he and his son donated 10 million won to Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association. After seeing this, Yi-seon made a comment on Yoo Se-yoon's SNS post, "Can I just send it over there?" And donated it to the association.

However, some commented on the amount, saying, "I pay only a million won." Fans criticized Akfle, saying, "The amount is not important, but the heart is important."

The same controversial date, Lee Siyon, removed the post that announced the donation. Earlier, Yi Shion also made a donation to a comfort woman victim grandmother and a merit man.

(SBS funE Kim Ji-hye)