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The doctor said that the formaldehyde in the consultation room was abused by the dean, the health committee has removed the dean


Beijing News (Reporter Liu Haonan) "I persisted for a few days and couldn't stand it before returning to the old consultation room." Lin Fangbin (pseudonym), a doctor in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Si'an Hospital in Guangdong Province, recalled saying that he had worked in the new consultation room for 5 days.

After December 2019, Lin Fangbin claimed to have repeatedly reported to the hospital that the formaldehyde in the newly renovated clinic exceeded the standard, but was abused and beaten by the director. .

On February 24, the official website of the Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Commission announced that Chen Moumou, director of the Guangdong Provincial Si'an Hospital, was dismissed for rough treatment of employees, and a full investigation was conducted by the investigation team.

The new clinic has a large "odor", and the doctors have detected formaldehyde over the standard.

On December 19, 2019, Lin Fangbin, who was employed in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Si'an Hospital, Guangdong Province, went to work as usual in the hospital. Lin Fangbin told the Beijing News reporter that as soon as she walked into the newly renovated clinic, she smelled a pungent odor.

Lin Fangbin said that the nurses and patients on duty that day also reported to her that the odor in the consulting room was very heavy. After returning home, Lin Fangbin had symptoms such as headache and nausea. As a result, she suspected that the formaldehyde in the new clinic exceeded the standard.

The following week, Lin Fangbin repeatedly reported the odor problem to the senior leadership of the hospital and asked to change the consulting room, but the leader of the hospital's outpatient department and the head of the medical department insisted that she work in the new consulting room. On the morning of December 27 last year, considering that she was preparing for pregnancy, Lin Fangbin decided to return to the old consultation room on the second floor. She told the nurse on duty to inform the patient to visit her in the old consultation room on the second floor.

On December 29, Lin Fangbin entrusted an air testing agency to test formaldehyde in the clinic. A Beijing News reporter obtained a test report from Lin Fangbin, showing that 7 places such as the consultation room, lobby and waiting room of Si'an Hospital have undergone closed air testing. Among them, the formaldehyde content in 3 consulting rooms and 1 TCM hall exceeded the standard. Qualified. Among them, Lin Fangbin's examination room 1 has a detection value of 0.32 mg / m3, which is about three times the national standard limit of 0.10 mg / m3.

On January 7, 2020, Lin Fangbin received a notification from the hospital's personnel department that her year-end assessment was evaluated as "basically qualified" due to absenteeism and absenteeism. In addition, all performances and year-end awards of Lin Fangbin were deducted, the working years of the current year were not counted, and the qualification for the 2020 rank evaluation was cancelled.

For the year-end assessment results, Lin Fangbin appealed to the hospital several times. On January 10 this year, the hospital gave a review opinion saying that the previous assessment results would be maintained.

The dean involved was removed

On January 19, Lin Fangbin interviewed the leaders of the hospital again. According to the recording announced by Lin Fangbin, the then director Chen Moumou said that the hospital had hired an air testing agency to conduct three tests on the first floor clinics on December 28 last year. One of the closed tests showed that the formaldehyde content in the clinic exceeded the standard. Two open tests did not detect formaldehyde exceeding the standard.

The above recording also showed that Chen Moumou was dissatisfied with Lin Fangbin's private practice of detecting formaldehyde and refusing to go to the new office. He first abused him and threatened to use the relationship to deal with Fangbin.

Lin Fangbin said that the director also picked up a "very thick" document on the table and fanned her face and head. According to the above recording, there was a sound of suspected flapping.

On February 22, Si'an Hospital of Guangdong Province posted a rumor statement on its official website that after testing, the formaldehyde of the hospital did not exceed the standard without being sealed; the hospital's outpatient physician, Lin Moumou, was slapped online. Not true; due to dissatisfaction with the assessment results, Lin Moumou premeditated to create a recording scene where the director slapped him and threw an object to hurt the director, and the hospital will be held responsible for his legal liability.

On February 24, the official website of the Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Commission announced that the president of the Si'an Hospital of the Province of the People's Republic of China transmitted the audio of the staff harshly to the audio. After research, it was decided that Chen Moumou was removed from office and the investigation team would conduct a full investigation of the incident.

Source: chinanews

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