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Coronavirus, last minute | First local contagion: the sick man from Seville had not traveled to the affected areas


Spain has ten cases of coronaviruses, all related to the outbreak in northern Italy. On Tuesday night the first contagion of Covid-19 in Madri was confirmed

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Spain has ten cases of coronaviruses , all related to the outbreak in northern Italy . On Tuesday night the first contagion of Covid-19 in Madrid was confirmed, and this Wednesday a second infected in the capital and another in Catalonia have been confirmed, adding to the seven positives in Tenerife , Barcelona , Castellón and Seville . Meanwhile, Italy is shielded from the expansion of the coronavirus , with more than 370 sick people and 12 fatalities.

The international panic by the coronavirus threatens the economy while the market of masks and medical devices lives its August. Follow the last hour of the coronavirus epidemic minute by minute.

You have not traveled to risk areas

The man admitted to Seville has not been in any area affected by the coronavirus, it is the first local infection in Spain , reports Teresa López-Pavón.

Theft of masks

The fear of the spread of the coronavirus has caused that the masks are practically exhausted in the pharmacies of Madrid. The high cost and the worry about the spread of the pathogen have caused robberies like the one suffered by the Infanta Leonor Hospital. The center has been forced to replace the stolen material with an urgent purchase. "They have had to buy more units, but prices have gone up," they say at the health center. The full text here.

17:21 Canceled the Carnival of Nice by the coronavirus

The mayor of Nice has canceled the last day of the city's carnival, on Saturday, one of the most important events of the French Riviera , preventively by the coronavirus , reports France Presse.

16:35 Keep calm in Erasmus stays

The president for Spain of the European network of Erasmus Student Network (ESN) associations, Juan Rayón, calls for calm and stresses that "it would be a shame" for a university student to leave his semester or his Erasmus course because of the coronavirus crisis. "Unless the mobility is canceled, students must remain calm and follow official recommendations," Rayón urged, although he acknowledged that some universities have closed their classes and, in addition, sometimes they are the students' own families. Those who are asking their children to return. However, he has assured that canceling would be "a pity" both for the expense of the student away from home and for the experience. "Please keep calm, listen to the recommendations and peace of mind, " he insisted, reports Efe.

16:05 "It's like a flu, it's treated with paracetamol"

The 31-year-old from Burriana (Castellón) who tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday and is isolated at La Plana Hospital in Vila-real, has sent several quiet audios to his family and friends in the town, in the one who exposes them that he hardly suffers mild flu symptoms and that he is well. "People will talk a lot but the truth is that I am very well, that it is a normal flu and you have to treat it with paracetamol and period." Here the full text

15:51 Postponed Ireland-Italy of the Six Nations

The Irish Health Minister has advised to postpone the men's and women's matches of the Six Nations rugby tournament between Ireland and Italy that were to be held in Dublin on March 7 and 8 and the rugby federation has accepted the postponement, reports the BBC.

15:36 The virus spreads throughout the world and improves in China

While the coronavirus spreads throughout the world (five countries recorded their first cases in the last 24 hours and all are linked to Italy) the figures improve in China, the heart of the epidemic. On Wednesday, authorities reported that 52 people had died in the last 24 hours, compared to 71 on Tuesday. It is the lowest figure for three weeks.

In addition, the number of infections also decreased: 411 new cases compared to 508 on Tuesday. In total, the new coronavirus has killed 2,178 people in China and has contaminated another 78,000. WHO stressed that on Tuesday for the first time, the number of people infected every day in the world (427) was higher than those registered in China. Outside of China, COVID-19 disease already affects about 40 countries causing about 50 deaths and 2,800 confirmed cases of infection.

15:26 100 tourists could leave the hotel

The four Italian tourists admitted to Tenerife by coronavirus have a good state of health, reports Efe, while those responsible for Health of the Canarian Government consider that in the next few hours a hundred people can leave the hotel where they are being held.

14.29 Two cases of local contagion in France

Two cases of confirmed coronavirus in Oise , in northern France , had not been in contaminated areas, reports Reuters.

14.05 A case of coronavirus confirmed in Seville

They confirm a case of coronavirus in Seville , as EL MUNDO has learned from health sources, reports Teresa López Pavón . The other eight cases studied in Andalusia have been negative. The patient is admitted to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital .

13.10 Danone expects 100 million less in sales

French food group Danone expects a negative impact in relation to the coronavirus epidemic of about 100 million euros in its first quarter sales, Eduardo Fernández and Víctor Martínez report .

The French company includes in the forecasts for this year 100 million euros in sales lost by Covid-19 , mainly in the water business in China , one of its main markets. The gala company is present in the bottled water market with brands as well known in Spain as Font Vella and Lanjarón .

Also, the British giant of spirits Diageo , owner of Guiness or Johnny Walker , already estimates that the epidemic in China and the entire Asia-Pacific region will reduce the number of net organic sales between 225 and 325 million pounds (269 and 388 million euros) in this year, which ends in June. In its organic operating result it is estimated between 140 and 200 million pounds sterling (167 and 239 million euros).

12.56 Twelve killed in Italy by coronavirus

The number of deaths from coronavirus in Italy amounts to 12 people, which are counted within the 374 infected, fifty more than those recorded on the last balance sheet on Tuesday, as reported by Civil Protection and collects Efe.

The head of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli , explained at a press conference in Rome that in these 374 infections, compared to 322 on Tuesday, there are 12 dead but also a person who has been cured and has already been discharged.

The last deceased is a 69-year-old man with respiratory diseases in the province of Lodi, in the region of Lombardy , the most affected by COVID-19 , with 258 infected.

12.51 Second positive for coronavirus in Catalonia

The Department of Health of the Generalitat confirms the second case of coronavirus in Catalonia . This is a 22 year old boy who has been in Italy

12.16 The risk of local transmission rises to moderate

"We are considering raising the risk of local to moderate transmission," Fernando Simón , director of the Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies , said this morning at a press conference to take stock of the current situation of the coronavirus in Spain. "At the national level, it is considered prudent to reactivate our detection capacity, although it must be adapted to each specific situation," he stressed, and later confirmed that it is already being considered moderate.

"In Spain, what concerns us right now is an outbreak in Italy because of the exchange we have with that country," said the director of the Health Emergencies Center, who recalled that the areas of risk there are limited to the provinces of Piedmont, Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. "The eight imported cases or associated with imported cases," he stressed.

"The general scenario in Spain is going to be low or very low but in some specific area or locality it could be medium or even high," he concluded.

"It is not necessary for the population to wear masks, it makes no sense," Simón reassured, saying that "the situation in Spain has not changed conceptually." "It is true that at some points it is, compared to other diseases, it is relatively less serious, but it is a new disease and therefore we have to consider carefully, it is a global problem of relative importance," he said.

11.55 WHO believes "irrational" to wear a mask

The director of Public Health of the World Health Organization (WHO) , María Neira , said on Wednesday that "it is irrational and disproportionate" that the masks and disinfectant gels in pharmacies are exhausted for fear of the coronavirus , reports Efe.

Speaking to the RAC-1 radio station, Neira recalled that the masks are for the use of health personnel and has indicated that the decrease in victims and infected people that is being registered in China "could mean that the epidemic has reached the ceiling and has already arrived to the epidemic peak. "

Neira recalled that the most effective measure to prevent contagion is to wash your hands frequently and has insisted that it is not justified "that disinfectant masks and gels are depleted" and "is based on people's fear and anguish, thing that we have to avoid, because it causes a lot of suffering, apart from the socioeconomic impact, "he said.

11.35 Seven minors with coronavirus in Italy

Italy confirms seven minors infected with coronavirus in its territory: six in Lombardy , one in the Veneto , reports Corriere della Sera .

11.05 Korea raises its positives to 1,261

The South Korean Disease Control and Prevention Center (KCDC) has raised the balance of the outbreak of the new coronavirus originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan to 12 fatalities and 1,261 positive cases , according to local news agency Yonhap.

South Korean health authorities have reported that 210,000 followers of a religious sect will be tested in the next few days, which could be the focus from which the virus has spread to other provinces.

EL MUNDO journalist Lucas de la Cal has traveled to Daegu, the city of South Korea besieged by the coronavirus, in search of parishioners infected by the coronavirus within the "nation of God."

10.19 First Frenchman killed by coronavirus

A Frenchman has died due to the coronavirus in the early hours of Wednesday in Paris , the French Ministry of Health has announced and picks up Afp. It is a 60 year old man.

"He urgently underwent tests yesterday (Tuesday) at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in a very serious state and died at night," announced the ministry's number two, Jérome Salomon . Another patient had already died in France, an 80-year-old Chinese tourist.

9.47 Second case of coronavirus in Madrid

The Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid Enrique Ruiz Escudero has confirmed a second case of coronavirus in the capital , a patient who traveled to Italy and is admitted to the Jiménez Díaz Foundation . It started with the symptoms this Monday. With this there are already eight infected in the Spanish territory: four in Tenerife, one in Castellón and one in Barcelona .

8.32 Brazil confirms a first case of coronavirus

The Brazilian health authorities have reported in the last hours that they have detected the first case of coronavirus in the country, although they have clarified that a new analysis for the final confirmation must still be performed.

The patient, according to official sources, is a 61-year-old Brazilian who was between the past 9 and 21 February in Lombardy , in northern Italy , a country in which up to 11 deaths have been registered and about 320 infected by the virus.

This is the first case of coronavirus detected in Latin America .

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