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Performance of new virus Perfume and EXILE will be canceled


With the spread of new coronavirus infections, popular groups "Perfume" and "EXILE" will cease performances on the night of 26th ...

Performances of the new virus Perfume and EXILE are also discontinued. February 26 17:14


With the spread of the new coronavirus, popular groups such as "Perfume" and "EXILE" have suddenly stopped performing on the night of the 26th, and music events are starting to have a major impact.

Popular group "Perfume" hastened its scheduled performance at Tokyo Dome on the night of 26th, after Prime Minister Abe expressed his intention to request cancellation or postponement of a large-scale cultural event on the 26th. I decided to cancel.

"EXILE" has also decided to cancel the performance at Kyocera Dome Osaka on the night of the 26th.

In addition, singer-songwriter Kenshi Yonezu decided not to hold a performance for about two weeks before the government's request, "to prevent infection and spread," and plans to hold it in Miyagi and Mie prefectures. When we canceled the four performances, we announced on our homepage.

In addition, the Johnny's Office announces the postponement of the performance to be hosted on the 25th, and three performances of the idol group "SixTONES" in Shizuoka Prefecture and the "NEWS" Miyagi scheduled to be held by the 8th of next month. The three performances in the prefecture will be postponed to April and May respectively.

Perfume performance canceled on SNS

The popular group of women "Perfume" has decided to cancel the concert scheduled to be held at Tokyo Dome on the 26th. Opinions are written.

Some of the fans seemed to say, "I can't stop it on the day, but there's no place for this feeling." It's going to be painful. "

In addition, regarding the decision to cancel, there is a comment such as "I do not want to do it because it is the request of the government", but "I will announce it after noon, not in the morning ... Is it a bit too much?" There were also entries that questioned the presentation.

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