"20 Minutes France" is about to celebrate its 18th birthday - Pixabay

On March 15, 20 Minutes will celebrate its 18th birthday. And in eighteen years, we have lived with you the upheavals of the world, a digital revolution, the changes in a rapidly evolving society, defeats and victories ... From the election of François Hollande to that of Emmanuel Macron , from the Charlie Hebdo attacks to those of 13 November, from "Megxit" to Brexit, or from the lost final of Euro 2016 to the World Cup victory, we have made you live these events, which make the news. With you, our audience has continued to grow. 20 Minutes is the favorite info brand for people under 50. For our eighteenth anniversary, we are therefore calling on you.

If you are 18 years old and love the news, send us without delay your original and relevant subject ideas that you would like to see covered by the editorial journalists. Tell us, what is the precise angle of your subject? What can it bring to readers that we can't find anywhere else? What are the means to implement it? Who will you have to meet to achieve it?

If your subject proposal appeals to us, we will contact you and you will come to the editorial office to discuss with our journalists. Do you want to live this experience and that we celebrate our 18 years together? You just have to rush to your keyboards by filling out the questionnaire below.

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