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"Technical Stream" male nurses in ICU on call 24 hours


In the ICU, Liu Hengming is adjusting his goggles

Yangtze River Network on February 26. On February 25, Liu Hengming, an ICU nurse at Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital, had fought for more than 50 days in the field. In the eyes of this colleague, "technical male nurses", "dads" and "model workers", after the outbreak, they were admitted to the duty room of the hospital and were on call 24 hours a day.

Liu Hengming prepares to inject patients

At 3:40 pm, Liu Hengming walked out of the ICU after 6 hours of busy work, and his overalls were soaked. Go to the corridor in the clean area, find a box lunch that has been soaked, and heat it in the microwave.

Liu Hengming standing in the hallway for lunch

The ICU for more than 6 hours is like a battlefield. ECMO, ventilator, blood purification device, fiberoptic bronchoscope ... Pre-installation, commissioning, cleaning, maintenance, and emergency handling of these precision instruments basically require Liu Hengming to operate, which is why colleagues call him "technology flow". Usually, he is on duty, but as long as he needs to use these devices, he always arrives, and it is common to be busy until the early hours of the morning.

Liu Hengming launches an ECMO

"There is a patient who wants to go to ECMO and get ready." The meal was just hot, but I hadn't taken a few sips. The preparation for going to ECMO is very important. Because it is connected to the blood vessels of the human body, a little air in the pipes may cause blood vessel embolism. In the department, usually only nurses Zhong Xiaofeng and Liu Hengming can operate.

Liu Hengming and head nurse Zhong Xiaofeng commissioned ECMO

After taking a few bites of food, Liu Hengming hurried back to the office area, wearing an isolation gown, and started debugging.

Liu Hengming is debugging the machine

ECMO's centrifugal pump heads, pipes, artificial lungs and other devices are arranged one by one. Connecting the conduit, tee, pump head, and exhaust, Liu Hengming and head nurse Zhong Xiaofeng cooperated and worked in an orderly manner. The hardest part of assembly is exhaust mitigation. Liu Hengming was fully absorbed, holding the blocking forceps, and inspecting a pipe about 5 meters long, one centimeter per cent centimeter, without letting go of any air bubbles. Half an hour later, the assembly was complete, and his cheeks were covered with fine sweat beads.

Hengming Liu and colleagues work in ICU

In order to have more energy and physical fitness, when he is not busy, he will rest in the duty room at 9 pm to prepare for an attack at any time. Many times, I fell asleep at 2 am and was woken up again at 4 am. The dad in the mouth of the colleague said that when the epidemic ended, he wanted to go home immediately to see his daughter who was only one year old.

Liu Hengming received a new task in ICU

In the eyes of Hu Ming, the director of the hospital's ICU, Liu Hengming likes to study and study.

Liu Hengming sucking sputum for the patient

(Text: Reporter Sun Xiaotian Correspondent Wang Min Gong Yutu: Reporter Peng Nian)

Source: chinanews

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