New Virus Doctors' Association Phone consultation in advance on February 21 at 18:00

According to the Japan Medical Association, there are a number of people who come to consult a medical institution or consult directly, saying that there is concern about the infection of the new coronavirus. Called for consultation.

Mr. Yoshitake Yokokura, chairman of the Japan Medical Association, told NHK: "If you go directly to a medical institution, there are other patients, and healthcare professionals must take protective measures in advance. It is very effective to provide consultation. Such measures can prevent the spread of unnecessary infections, "said the" Returnee / Contact Center "established in prefectures before visiting medical institutions. And the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

He said, "It is in the early stage of domestic outbreak. It is at a major turning point whether it will spread in the country. The people and healthcare workers will work together to prevent the disease from spreading. We need people to know the new coronavirus correctly and be afraid of it correctly. "