Defendant's Father Today's First Trial Chiba District Court, February 21, 5:31


Last year, a fourth-year elementary school girl was abused in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, and died after being abused. It is worth noting what his father says in court about the motives and circumstances of the case.

Last January, in a case in which a fourth-grade elementary school student from Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, was found to have died in his bathroom at home, his father Yuichiro (42) took a shower of cold water on his face. He has been charged with injuries and deaths as a result of assaults such as continuing.

The first trial of the judge trial in this case will be held in the Chiba District Court from 11 am on the 21st.

According to the investigators, the defendant had stated that he was "disciplined" in the investigation immediately after his arrest, but he also stated in the subsequent investigation that he did not remember. is.

The trial will likely focus on the circumstances and circumstances leading up to the case, and will focus on what the defendants say in court about their motivations and events.

The 33-year-old mother, who was accused of helping him to injure herself for failing to stop abuse in this case, has already been sentenced to two years and six months in prison and five years with probation with a probation of five years.

Case history

Shin Ai died at home on the night of January 24, last year.

His father reported to the police that the daughter who was in the bathroom was not breathing and was calling 110, and the police and fire department rushed in and died in the bathroom at home.

Police arrested his father, Yuichiro, for alleged injuries, alleging that he had committed assaults, including showering with cold water.

Ten days later, her mother was arrested for not stopping the assault, and her investigation proceeded on the suspicion that Ms. Ai Ai was routinely abused.

As a result, it was found that defendant Yuichiro was frequently abused, such as causing Shin-Ai to have serious injuries, such as breaking his chest.

Investigations were also conducted on the relationship between the abuse and the cause of Koi's death, and the prosecutor said in March last year that he died from assaulting the family without eating, sleeping adequately, and taking showers. Defendant was charged with death and injury.

On the other hand, her mother was charged with helping her injuries for not stopping her husband's assault, and a conviction with a suspended sentence has already been confirmed.

About Kurihara Shinai

When I died, Kurihara Shinai was a fourth grader who attended an elementary school in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture.

Shin Ai, born in Okinawa Prefecture in 2008, attended an elementary school in Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture until her third grade in elementary school.

When I was in third grade, I wrote a self-introduction at an elementary school in Itoman City, saying, "The dream of Shorairai is to become a patissier. I want to make it alone, and I want the whole family to eat the cake. "

Also, my favorite play is "hide and seek", my specialty is "Ayatobi no Natobibi", my favorite is "depressed picture", and my favorite place is "where the calculation is fast".

The teacher at the cram school, where Shin-Ai attended between the second and third grades of elementary school, said, "I was a child who did my best to study hard. She was strong and taught her friends to study." Was.

Shin Ai moved to Noda City, Chiba Prefecture with his father and sister in August 2017.

In Noda City, it was a gentle girl who knitted a handmade muffler and gave a present to a close classmate girl.

Heart love "letter to myself"

Shin-Ai wrote a letter to herself in elementary school three months before his death and in October, half a year later, on the day of the closing ceremony six months later.

The letter entitled "Letters to Me" was carefully written with a pencil and said, "The closing ceremony day of March. You can use kanji and think that science and society are perfect. Did you save it? "

And he says, "Please stay as you are in the fifth grade. I want to see you in the future. Don't give up."

Shin Ai died in January of last year, three months after writing this letter, and could not receive the letter.

After the death of Shin-Ai, Yuichiro's mother, Shin-Ai's grandmother, received this letter from elementary school.

My grandmother said in tears, "The words that I wrote casually in the last part of the letter are still caught in my heart. I'm really sorry I couldn't understand how I felt."

About Yuichiro Kurihara

According to the investigators and the place of work at that time, Yuichiro Kurihara moved to a aviation-related company in 2007 after working for a gas sales company in Tokyo, and worked at Naha Airport.

After that, after working for another aviation company in Okinawa Prefecture, I had been working as a tourism related company at Okinawa General Foundation for about one year from 2016 four years ago.

After retirement in August 2017, defendant Yuichiro moved from Itoman, Okinawa, to Noda, Chiba, where his family is home, and began living in the condominium where the incident took place. You.

Soon my mother moved from Itoman to Noda.

Defendant Yuichiro worked as a part-time employee at the Tokyo office of the Okinawa Prefectural Foundation from April 2018, and his colleagues seemed to have a serious attitude to work. I participated in the athletic meet of my eldest daughter. "

Mother "turned away from heart love" "influences dominant behavior"

His mother, who was accused of injuring herself for not stopping the abuse of Yui Kurihara against Shin Ai, was sentenced to last year's sentence of two years and six months in prison and five years of probation with probation in June last year. Confirmed.

The mother's trial revealed the details at the time.

According to the ruling, Shin-Ai has been confided to her mother since October 2017 that defendant Yuichiro had been abused, including standing in the hallway at midnight.

In addition, from around the summer of 2018 to the end of the year, Yuichiro defended Shin-Ai for a long time in a bathroom with wet underwear, continued bending and stretching, and stepping on the floor without going to the toilet. And that violence was added.

Furthermore, in January of last year when Shin-Ai died, he did not feed Shin-Ai and kept standing in the living room or bathroom, left it in a non-heated bathroom to prevent sleep, and poured cold water It is allegedly assaulted.

In his judgment, the presiding judge stated that he did not stop the ill-treatment of defendant Yuichiro, saying, "I was solely obliged to give my helping hand, but was still in compliance with her husband's instructions. But she turned her eyes away from Ms. Ai, who suffers from her husband's abuse, such as to maintain her family relationship. "

On the other hand, he sentenced him with a suspended sentence, saying, "I am undeniable that defendants were influenced by the dominant behavior and it was quite difficult to stop abuse."

Improper government response

Regarding this case, inappropriate administration was revealed.

Shin Ai was temporarily protected in November 2017, but the Child Guidance Center in the prefecture released protection temporarily after only one and a half months.

Two weeks before the temporary protection was lifted, a physician who examined Ms. Ai Ai indicated a strong fear of defending Yuichiro, and pointed out that PTSD was a condition of post-traumatic stress disorder, but the diagnosis was not used.

It has also become clear that the necessary procedures were not taken to remove temporary protection, such as the necessary meetings not being held in order to make decisions within the child guidance center.

It was also revealed that Yuichiro had responded inappropriately to the defendant, jeopardizing Ms. Ai's position.

The explanation to parents when she was temporarily protected was originally provided by Noda City, not the child guidance center that she should be in charge of.

Noda City may have triggered Yuichiro's anger because he explained that the reason for the temporary protection was "it was temporarily protected because he said he did not want to go home."

After the temporary protection was lifted, defendant Yuichiro was forced to disclose a questionnaire that Shin-Ai confided to the school about the abuse, and the Board of Education gave in to disclose the questionnaire.

After the temporary protection was lifted, the Children's Guidance Center did not have enough interviews with Shinai.

Despite Yuichiro's strong refusal to meet the child guidance center's staff with Shinko, she hadn't seen her for the first 10 months before she died.

Also, Ms. Shin Ai had never attended elementary school for more than two weeks just before she died, but she did not take immediate measures to confirm her safety.

The poor lives that could have been saved by the accumulation of these inappropriate actions have been taken away.

Shoko Egawa

Despite the fact that Shin-Ai confided the abuse to the school and asked for help, the child guidance center and others repeatedly responded improperly, resulting in the loss of young life.

Journalist Shoko Egawa has watched the incident as a member of the Noda City Validation Committee, which verifies the government's response.

Mr. Egawa commented on the incident, saying, "I wondered how this violent violence could be done without letting people eat. "I can't be helped if I had a feeling of despair," Isn't it safe to say to an adult? "

Egawa thinks that it is necessary to clarify the truth of the incident from various angles in order to prevent the recurrence of a painful incident.

Verification conducted by Chiba Prefecture and Noda City so far has highlighted the problems of administrative responses such as child guidance centers, and it has become clear to some extent why surrounding adults could not save Mr. Shinai. thinking about.

On the other hand, he is paying attention to what his father Yuichiro says in court, saying that the motive and details of the case have not been revealed.

Egawa says, "I have no idea what happened in my most important home and what the defendant was thinking. There are some charges that have been prosecuted, and it is important that the matter be considered in court. Well, I want you to have a trial that captures not only the detailed facts but also why he came to do this and the process of personality formation in a big flow "