Special fraud damage amounted to more than 30 billion yen for eight consecutive years. Serious situation continued on February 20 at 11:56

The amount of damage from special fraud last year was about 30 billion yen, exceeding 30 billion yen for eight consecutive years, and the situation is still serious. The number of arrests during the year has risen to a record high of 2911, and the police have tightened their crackdowns.

According to the National Police Agency, the number of special frauds confirmed last year was 16,636 and 30,150 million yen, both below the previous year, but the damage amount exceeded 30 billion yen for the eighth consecutive year. Was.

The number of arrests was 2911, the highest number of persons arrested for one year, and 43 fraud groups have been detected nationwide.

A particularly conspicuous trick is to visit the elderly's house, posing as a police officer or a banking association official, and replace it with another card saying that you will check your cash card, the damage amount was 5.210 billion yen before It is increasing nearly three times a year.

This technique delays the victim's awareness of the cash card being lost and can cause the ATM to withdraw cash multiple times.

Police nationwide are strengthening their work questions to suspicious persons, such as cards and cash collectors, and working with local residents and related organizations to prevent damage.