KBS Han Sang-hun announcer's program was released.

A KBS official said on the 19th that the announcement of Han Sang-hun announcer was "understanding internally. I know that it has not been confirmed." Also, on the 20th, 'live information' appeared on schedule as scheduled, and the report of getting off voluntarily announced that it was misleading.

On the day, one media reported that Han Sang-hun announcer got off the KBS2 'live information' on the day for personal reasons. According to the report, Han Sang-hun announcer directly said that he would get off from the 'live information' for reasons.

Suspicion is growing as the news of sudden departure. On the 18th, the Garo Portrait Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as 'Ga Se-yeon') claimed that the announcer Han Sang-heon was a controversial announcer. There was no official mention of Han Sang-heon or KBS about the claim of 'Ga Se-yeon'.

'Vivid Information' is a program that delivers real-time information on every corner of every corner of the Republic of Korea. Han Sang-heon, Oh Seung-won and Lee Ji-yeon announcer have led the progress. Han Sang-hun announcer was appointed as successor to Do Kyung Wan in July of last year.

Han Sang-Heon, an announcer, joined the KBS 38th Anniversary Announcer in 2011. Currently, he is appearing in 'Live' as well as 'Vivid Information'.

(SBS funE Kim Ji-hye)