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The one who warns is not a traitor. That the couples of The Island of Temptations were going to end badly, it was learned in the last program from the island, it was seen in The Island of Temptations six months later , it was confirmed in the debate on Friday and last night was seen for sentencing in El Debate The end of the island of temptations , where it was more than clear that the one who gave ended up receiving and the one who did not know how to defend what he loved so much as a man, ended up crying in tears.

After Fani's face-lift last Friday before heading to Survivors 2020 and seeing Fiama and Alex throwing away the little pots they needed to throw themselves away, in the debate last night they were still sitting in Andrea's torture chair , Ishmael and, just in case there was not enough movement, to the lover, partner and now Andrea's ex-partner, Oscar , and to Ismael's slight temptation, Andrea , 'The temptress'. It remained to sit Jose and Adelina and their Love is in the air . And there was still to see the reunion of pain, the reunion of Susana and Gonzalo after six months without having seen each other since Susana made the wise and sincere decision to break with what her partner had been for six years, Gonzalo , to recognize herself and the rest of the world that was no longer in love with him.

What a drama. What was seen last night, not only the soap opera Andrea-Ismael-Óscar and the fourth in discord, but what Susana and Gonzalo lived are the brutal and terrible consequences of their passage through the island of temptations. Not even in the worst of nightmares Gonzalo could imagine that going to a program like The Island of Temptations was going to destroy his life, he was going to leave him without what he wanted most, he was going to take him away from his everything, he was going to leave Without Susana Last night a Gonzalo was seen completely different from last Friday. While on Friday Gonzalo followed the tactics of reproaching left and right, even causing Sandra Barneda to expel him from the set (last night he had little time to throw Andrea's mother), Gonzalo last night was a collapsed and sunk Gonzalo in the mud.

It was to ask Sandra Barneda how she was feeling and if she was prepared to meet Susana and Gonzalo buried himself in a sea of ​​tears. As he said on social media during the final bonfire broadcast, "you don't know what you have until you lose it." And I think that last night Gonzalo had a glimmer of hope that the reunion would end in a 'maybe', but Susana was clear, "there is no hope because I am very well now . "

And there was no hope, there was the demonstration precisely of Gonzalo's phrase, of realizing that he did not care what he wanted so much, of being aware that he was the one who let him leave, that he did not love as he should have loved Someone like Susana. Susana loved herself, she gave herself the love Gonzalo hadn't given her. The difference, that the respect that both were shown was not demonstrated by any of those who have passed through the island of temptations , except, of course, by Jose and Adelina , but that is already major words.

Tell Andrea and Ishmael at their reunion last night. There are wounds that time neither heals nor wants to heal, and of course the wounds of Ishmael and Andrea are of those. Look that Andrea entered without a crown and without a throne, knowing that with Sandra Barneda that putting a silly blonde smile does not work and that if I had to give it I would give it. Of course, Sandra Barneda gives with nocturnality and joy. You have to be very clever to catch them on the flight and it was not night for Andrea to catch them.

For the first time since the island of temptations began, Andrea acknowledged last night that she disrespected her partner, Ishmael, when she joined Oscar on the island. It was to say it and dozens, what I say, hundreds of cherubs blew their trumpets. Hallelujah! But it was a mirage. The appearance on the set of Ishmael tightened the rope to such an extent that Andrea's mother, who does not know very well what she was already painting, completely lost the papers and was about to be expelled from the set when faced with an Ishmael who knew how to play a lot Better your letters.

It is also true that when you do not carry a bluff in your hand but you carry a poker of aces you have all the winnings and you do not need to play much better than your opponent . With Andrea it was easy to win. Ishmael did the same thing he did on the island and what he did at the reunion six months later: treat her with the respect she didn't show him. "He is protecting you," Sandra Barneda even pointed out when he asked the Murcia if they had gone to bed after returning to Madrid.

"We just slept," Andrea repeated. " We didn't do anything . In fact, we went to bed late because we were talking all night about what we didn't talk about before because he didn't want to talk about our problems," Andrea insisted. Ishmael was silent, the occasional "we slept" escaped him, but he was silent, and you know, he who silences grants. And Andrea ended up getting caught with her hands in the dough.

Andrea had a good start, a beginning that seemed to put the red carpet for her and Ishmael to finish in good harbor, but the joy lasts little in the house of the poor and was asking Sandra Barneda for those meetings after his return to Madrid and everything ended bursting out. A broken, desperate, even hysterical mother who completely lost control and attacked Ismael mercilessly.

I will not defend the forms of Andrea's mother, but I put myself in her situation and I imagine 12 weeks listening to how your daughter has been called about everything and how she still has the final traca and I understand that she completely lost the papers. Andrea's mother shouldn't have been on set last night, as none of the defenders were, but you know, Andrea is a princess and needs all her entourage.

For a moment it seemed that The Final Debate of The Island of Temptations was getting out of the way of Sandra Barneda , but the presenter knew how to get out of the hole as she always does, expelling or threatening to expel. He invited Andrea's mother so that if she was not going to endure what was happening she would leave, and she almost left, but as a mother she endured as her daughter was holding. The difference is that her daughter was paying the consequences of her actions, and she was paying simply for being a mother.

After the moments of tension, Andrea not only had to face the secrets of the bedroom after returning to Madrid but also the criticism of those who do not understand, and there are many, how is it possible that after doing what he did to Ishmael She keeps asking for explanations of what her ex-partner could or could not do on the island, while she lay down or masturbated to one of the singles. Not even Sandra Barneda , who tried by all means to remain as neutral as possible, was able to contain herself and released more than one and more than two very well-brought streaks.

But it was with the story of that night in Madrid with Ishmael that it blew everything up. Ishmael, who tried to cover Andrea's infidelity as much as he could, couldn't stand Andrea's lies and deception anymore, which I continued to deny that anything more than a talk had happened in that meeting until the wee hours of the morning. Andrea played a lot, or that is what she believed, because in reality that Oscar left her last night is the best thing that could happen to the princess. Yes, the lover, after boyfriend and now ex boyfriend, left her live and live . The one who warns is not a traitor. Or did Andrea think Oscar was going to swear eternal love? How innocent! What a fool!

Óscar was looking for the same thing Rubén was looking for, a platform that gave him work in the wonderful Mediaset world. He has endured until they have seen each other live and he has found the perfect excuse: the infidelity of which he was unfaithful. The sky is bricked who will unscrew it, the screwdriver who unrolls it will be a good screwdriver.

"In the final bonfire, you choose to go with Oscar. The next day you come with me and you sleep with me . That afternoon and that night. And if it hurts, I'm sorry." The hit was direct knock out . Ishmael couldn't take it anymore and dropped the bomb, the bomb. Yes, he confirmed what we all already knew from The Island of Temptations six months later, that Andrea had been unfaithful to the man with whom he had been unfaithful to his partner with his own partner. Only Mediaset can give this kind of dramatic twists. And Oscar came to the hair .

Andrea 'The temptress' , who also gave Ismael and Andrea , and Oscar , who arrived with the script more than well learned, entered the set. "Her version is totally different from the one he tells. From face to face in 'The Island of Temptation: six months later' I have the fly behind my ear," he said as soon as he sat down on the set. Oscar was preparing the final traca, the traca that would leave Andrea as Fani was left, decomposed and without a boyfriend, with the big difference that Ishmael is not Christofer , and Ishmael was not going to forgive, nor was he going to "strengthen the couple", as the guest psychologist said on set last week.

Andrea saw herself between a rock and a hard place, Andrea was sunk in a quicksand that was going to be practically impossible to leave, not because of what she had done but because Oscar was clear about what she had done: leave her planted as An escarole. And what did Andrea do ? Well, to demonstrate again that he needs a lot to mature and that it is very beautiful and very chachi to be the protagonist of this season's revelation program, but that the consequences are much more serious and much harder than what one could believe.

The princess threw balls out again. The same thing he did for five weeks on The Island of Temptations. Blame the incomprehensible to the other person for being unable to assume their own mistakes. And although without recognizing with the big mouth that yes, that he had been unfaithful to Oscar with Ishmael, Andrea put the stupidest and stupidest excuse that has been heard on television in a long, long, long time. It turns out that Andrea came back to Madrid with Oscar because he had decided one of the nights on the island to sleep with Rubén and not with her. But is this girl in your head? Too many little birds.

Really, I think he doesn't think about things when he says them and that he lets himself be clouded by the nerves of the one who has been piled up with the whole team. Really justifying having been unfaithful to his newly released partner with his ex-boyfriend arguing that he did not want to sleep with her one night on the island? You have to have them square, two-dimensional and in 3D to have the courage to defend the indefensible with excuses of that caliber. He gave Oscar the perfect weapon to finish it off. He left it live and left it without the toupee moving or half his hair.

He left it because Oscar wants the same thing that all the single people who have been there wanted: one more program . And what better program than Women, Men, and vice versa, where Óscar can campaign freely as Rubén is going to campaign. And it is that Andrea turns everything upside down. With how easy it was last night to leave Oscar at the height of the bitumen and in the end the one that was scalded despite the shamelessness of her lover was her. Why? Because Andrea has to learn to assume her mistakes, to recognize them, to apologize, to make self-criticism and to know that if you sow winds you gather storms.

Of course, what cannot be is to live by throwing balls out, waiting for your mother to face you, waiting for forgiveness, waiting for them to feel compassion for you and waiting for everything to be I let you because you think you are a princess. The princess last night ended up in a maiden. It was Cinderella's story, but vice versa. Andrea is more a Dricella , a Cinderella or a Disney story princess.

It is very surprising the great difference between her attitude or Fani's or Fiama's attitude with which Susana showed last night. You have to be very brave to appear on a set and face the person you have left six months before because you were no longer in love with him. And Susana did it and did it as these things should be done, with the truth and sincerity ahead. Look that the pressure could have caused Susana to fall back into the networks of a relationship that no longer made her happy, but did not fall, endured the guy, said no, and showed so much respect towards a man who now cries, but that Before he didn't know how to see the piece of woman next to him.

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