Immediately before the bankruptcy, an affiliated company is established and capital is raised.

In a case where the former representative of the `` Kefir Business Promotion Association '', which had raised a large amount of money under the owner's commercial law and went bankrupt, was arrested, this company was newly establishing an affiliated company just before the bankruptcy and soliciting investment Was found in an interview with the Metropolitan Police Department. The former representative has stated that he had gone bankrupt unless he had collected the money.

Former president of the Kefir Business Promotion Association, a mail-order sales company in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Hideya Kaburagi, 84, claims that he will pay interest if he becomes an owner of a processed food produced by an affiliated company without permission. He was arrested for raising funds from an unspecified number of people for violating the Investment Law, and was sent to prosecutors on the morning of 19th.

The “Kefir Business Promotion Association” has failed in business, but just before that, three new affiliates were founded to raise capital and raise 300 million yen. Was.

In response to the investigation, Moto Kaburagi stated that he had stated that he had gone bankrupt without collecting money.

The Metropolitan Police Department is working to elucidate the actual situation, including the flow of funds.