Yes, Molière wrote Molière's plays well

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Engraving by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin dit "Molière". GettyImages / THEPALMER

By: Pascal Paradou

It's too beautiful, too perfect: Molière, a "simple" actor could never have written as many masterpieces as those attributed to him. This is in any case for a hundred years the thesis defended by a few people here and there, supposing that Corneille would be the real author of L'École des femmes, des Fourberies de Scapin or du Misanthrope…


In a study published in the American journal Science Advances , two French researchers Florian Cafiero and Jean-Baptiste Camps provide proof that Molière wrote his texts well. The very day of the anniversary of Molière's death, it was to restore his honor and fight against fake news.

To read in English: Why Molière most likely did write his plays , study by Florian Cafiero and Jean-Baptiste Camps published in the British journal Science Advances , vol. 5, no 11.

Read in French: Molière is the author of his works , a study by Florian Cafiero and Jean-Baptiste Camps, published in the journal Pour la Science , no 507, Nov. 27, 2019.

Our guests :
- Jean-Baptiste Camps : master pedagogical manager and lecturer at the National Charter School
- Agathe Sanjuan , curator of the Comédie-Française, author of Comédie-Française, a history of theater

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