Mortality rate is 2.3%. Elderly people and people with chronic disease are careful. Chinese analysis data published February 19 at 6:07

Detailed data on about 44,500 people who were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in China were released, and the overall mortality was 2.3%, but the elderly in the 80s and older were as high as 14.8%, as well as the heart, etc. It was found that those with cardiovascular disease had a high rate of 10.5%. This is the first time that large-scale data analysis has revealed the details of the disease, and experts are calling for measures to reinforce infections in people who are more vulnerable.

The team working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in China released data analyzing 44,672 people confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus by November 11.

80.9% of those infected were mild, 13.8% were severe such as severe pneumonia or dyspnea, and 4.7% were severely life-threatening, such as respiratory failure, sepsis, or multiple organ failure. was.

Approximately half of the severe cases, or 1023, have died, with an overall fatality rate of 2.3%.

Looking at the fatality rate by age group, it was 0.4% or less for those under 40s and 1.3% for the 50s, which was lower than the whole. Was higher.

People with pre-existing illness are said to be more susceptible to illness, but among those infected, the mortality rate is 10.5% for people with cardiovascular disease, 7.3% for diabetes, 6.3% for chronic respiratory disease, and 6% for hypertension. , 5.6% for all cancers.

There was also regional variation, with 2.9% in Hubei Province, where infection was central, compared to 0.4% in other parts of mainland China.

On the other hand, the most frequent case was from 23 to 26 days last month when Chinese authorities stopped transportation in Wuhan, and the number of cases has continued to decline since then.

The analysis of large-scale data is the first time that the details of the disease have been revealed, and Ms. Mitsuo Kaku, a professor at Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University who is familiar with infectious disease prevention measures, said, It is significant that information has been increased and measures are being taken, so it is thought that Japan's mortality rate will be lower than China's fatality rate, but it will not transmit to elderly people or people with chronic illness. Thorough measures will become important again in the future. "