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Willy Toledo, before the judge for shitting on God: "I was baptized by a worker priest"


"Yes, I wrote these sentences. I write on my social networks to show my opinion, exercising my right to freedom of expression. I understand that my words can offend a lot

  • Trial: The judge takes Willy Toledo to court for insulting God and the Virgin Mary
  • Detention: Tododo refuses to go to testify
  • Protest.Willy Toledo challenges Justice from a parish after "shit on God": "I did not commit a crime"
  • Interview.Willy Toledo: "I said gigantic bullshit"

"Yes, I wrote these sentences. I write on my social networks to show my opinion, exercising my right to freedom of expression . I understand that my words may offend many, just as I am offended by racist or xenophobic expressions that are heard in media. Now I want to put in the Criminal Code the 'Live Franco' and I think it's a barbarity against freedom of expression. I would never think of going against the thoughts of another person. "

Thus began his defense today actor Guillermo 'Willy' Toledo, accused of offending religious feelings , in the 26th Criminal Court of Madrid. Toledo wrote on Facebook on July 5, 2017: "I shit on God and I have enough shit to shit at the dogma of the Holy Trinity and the virginity of the virgin." He is accused by the Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers, and the Prosecutor's Office does not accuse.

"What works is the crime, not the words," Toledo declared before the judge, answering only questions from his lawyer, Endika Zulueta.

" I have no desire to offend Catholics, or non-Catholics . Anyone can believe in anything they want. I profess respect and admiration for people who profess the Catholic religion. I was baptized by a worker priest in the working-class neighborhood of Palomeras. it would happen to offend anyone's religious feelings. I have never written thinking of offending people or groups. "

Toledo, who had already written "I shit in the Twelve of October" , "in the national holiday", "in the monarchy and its monarchs", "in the discovery", "in the greedy conquerors and murderers" and "in the Virgin of Pilar "two years earlier also on Facebook, has justified it thus:" The mention of the discovery and October 12 of those texts was because he wanted to criticize the national holiday and its aberrant sense. The following text, of July 15 of 2017, about the procession of the insumiso pussy [text that he has proceeded to read], is a defense of freedom of expression before anyone who can be persecuted for his ideas and thoughts. He showed my rejection of a judicial decision. "

"If I am undergoing this trial, I believe that this process that I am suffering a huge amount of people who are being prosecuted for this crime of blasphemy, I hope this is the last trial made in the Spanish State of this kind " It is my obligation to fight for this country to be more democratic and freer. If we manage to abolish that crime of blasphemy, it will be a triumph," he said.

At the entrance of the trial he has indicated that for him freedom of expression must be absolute: "I am offended by homophobic or sexist speeches. To me saying that Willy Toledo is a red or lively fucking Franco seems great to me . What I don't know you can say is that you have to go out and kill reds. You cannot continue to gain weight from the Criminal Code. "

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