What is the new virus treatment? Evaluation of the efficacy of drugs to suppress AIDS development Urgently February 18 5:30

Physicians treating patients responded to an interview with NHK about a new type of coronavirus that has been reported one after another. We will work hard to use it in the field as soon as possible. "

No therapeutic agent has been confirmed to be effective against the new coronavirus at present, and medical institutions in various countries and the National Center for Global Health and Medicine are administering drugs to control the development of AIDS to some patients on a trial basis. You.

In an interview with NHK, Takao Omagari, director of the International Center for Infectious Diseases of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, said that with the consent of the patient, the administration of this drug was based on the experience of being used overseas in SARS and MERS trials. Revealed.

Omagari commented on this, "I'm not sure if it worked because of the limited number of patients, but as a result some patients have recovered after being administered."

The drug is being used experimentally in patients infected with the new coronavirus in a way called "off label use," but it is said that it is necessary to confirm efficacy and safety in clinical trials eventually. You.

Omagari said, “Because the drug has already been approved, clinical trials need to supplement the missing data, and the time is shorter than usual. I would like to request that the effectiveness of the drug be evaluated. "