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Ricky Gervais: "Humor should be like farting at a child's funeral"


First we accept decaffeinated coffee, then we admit hamburgers without meat - or, even worse, vegetable milk -, and it had to happen, sooner or later, for someone to take for good

  • Cinema.Sex, pederasty and #MeToo: the most acidic Ricky Gervais says goodbye to the Golden Globes

First we accept decaffeinated coffee, then we admit hamburgers without meat - or, even worse, vegetable milk -, and it had to happen, sooner or later, for someone to take comedy without jokes.

"There is a new fashion in the UK that is known as woke comedy [conscious comedy]," says Ricky Gervais at the beginning of his new monologue, Supernature , "which consists of not offending anyone." "Actually, I'd rather see Louis CK masturbating before." And the public, like a spring, burst out laughing. It's a joke a little fat brush, hyperbolic, but fun; The picture is funny. "It is that comedy works when there are low blows , " Gervais continues. «The low blows are fun».

If it's true, as Berto Romero said, that comedy is the new rock'n'roll, then Ricky Gervais is the great superstar of the moment. His seven minutes of pure poison in the Golden Globes of this year are just the icing on a much larger cake that comes from afar. For example, his last video monologue, Humanity , has been the most reproduced of the year on Netflix, and in Barcelona he sold out on Saturday the 3,000 locations of the Auditorium of the Forum at the second stop in Spain of the Supernature tour outside the Anglo-Saxon field - the The first was in Madrid, last November-, where the comedian has found a clear reef to bill, despite the language barrier. The public approaches him like Jesus when he crossed Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, looking for the messiah, the free voice that would make up for the complaints of the offended.

And Gervais, of course, complied. More than a rock star, his role is that of unscrupulous punk that faces arbitrary dogmas, the first of which would be that you can't make humor about some things (which end up being all things). That's why Gervais began stepping on the minefield of women in comedy - "there are many and very good ones, such as [awkward silence]" - and defending that humor should be "like farting at a child's funeral" » , Something that, deep down, is fun,« especially if you are the father; the mother would be less funny ».

And marked the ground, established the limits -there are no limits-, it began to rain 75 minutes of rudeness and incursions in conflict areas such as pedophilia, transsexuality, God, abortion and AIDS .

Supernature will be recorded before the end of the world tour and will be broadcast on Netflix sometime in 2020. One of Ricky Gervais' recurring gags was saying "this can't go on Netflix" while his laughter escaped, every time he laughed some of his jokes crossed the point of no return and entered fully into inhospitable land. Towards the end, he reflected on pedophilia in our society, a problem that he proposed to solve "treating pedophiles with something similar to methadone, that is, we will provide dwarves." "This one can't go out either, I'm sorry," Gervais said as he doubled up laughing and silenced by the collective laugh chorus. Of course, it will come out.

As will also be his story of how God invented the AIDS virus to kill all gays, just because God was disgusted to see them - «that is why you will enter the ass of an African, inside his shit, and when a penis for that ass, zas !, you quickly get into your penis and infect it, ok? »- or the reflection on why, if I had a time machine at hand, I would never do that so typical of traveling to the Hitler's childhood to kill the dictator when he was a baby. «How would that change my life? I do not care? Before I would take a picture and use it to masturbate. Another joke that can't go on Netflix either.

Ricky Gervais's humor has always started from the rational and the moderate - he declares himself an atheist, pro-abortion and animalist , three moral principles that would take him away from the robot portrait of a conservative, which is what his detractors use to discredit his kind of humor- to quickly force their principles and get into the garden of the irrational, nonsense and bad taste. As the years have passed, all that has been forcing it more and more - its first monologue, Animals (2003), was almost white comedy compared to Humanity or Supernature - but it does so because if comedy does not force the limits imposed by authority - and authority is today more castrating intellectually than ever - it cannot be effective or fun.

"They're just jokes," Gervais repeated from time to time. "Nothing happens". And of course, nothing happened. The show is over, our arteries opened, we won in health, and we returned home after venturing for a while. No one bothered. And if someone felt that any disproportionate occurrence offended him, Gervais warned of the existence of “claim sheets at the exit”, to which he added: “You can fill them out, but know that I will clean my ass with them . I will grant you the honor of staining your name with my shit. It was a victory against the tyranny of political correctness, and not a minor victory.

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