A woman wearing a protective mask in Hong Kong, February 14, 2020 (illustration). - PHILIP FONG / AFP

You may have seen them on a friend's Facebook wall or in your mailbox. Because poisons are becoming more and more common with news, writing 20 Minutes helps you sort out the true from the false.

1. Has the CGT refused to lend a castle to French returnees from China?

This was affirmed (a little quickly) Current Values .

2. Coronavirus, the cause of 50,000 deaths?

We take stock of the baseless claims made by the Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui.

3. No, electronic toll drones have not been deployed in China

But drones aimed at stemming the epidemic work well in a province of the country.

4. The coronavirus, doomed to disappear in April?

That's what Donald Trump said, quoting Chinese President Xi Jinping.

5. No, Bill Gates did not buy a hydrogen yacht

Contrary to what has been rumored.

6. No, these bins were not taken away by the Ciara storm

Old images have been taken out of context.

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