New virus bus company measures to proceed, but voice of anxiety ... February 7 16:53

Following the spread of the new coronavirus infection in China, major bus companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area are taking measures to prevent the spread of the infection, such as by wearing masks on drivers.

Drivers wear masks

Bus drivers usually need to respond to passengers, so it is customary not to wear a mask except during the flu season, but due to the spread of coronavirus infection in China, Many major bus companies recommend and instruct drivers to wear masks to prevent the spread of infection.

Of these, the Yokohama Municipal Transportation Bureau, which operates a route bus in Yokohama City, has instructed drivers to wear masks from last month 29, and in a roll call before operation at the sales office, the person in charge told the driver. In addition to wearing a mask, they instructed them to wash their hands and gargle thoroughly.

The drivers wore masks arranged by the Transportation Bureau and operated buses.

The Transportation Bureau is also considering disinfection in the car in the future.

Mr. Takeo Yoneyama, director of the Asama-cho sales office, said, "I will meet many passengers, so I would like to take preventive measures and use them with confidence."

Thorough cleaning and disinfection

In addition to wearing masks for drivers and thoroughly washing their hands, some bus companies also take unique measures.

Of these, Sakura Kanko Bus, which operates a sightseeing bus and highway bus headquartered in Saitama Prefecture, uses alcohol disinfectant on all 60 buses it owns so that passengers can disinfect their hands.

In addition, in addition to the usual wiping of water when cleaning the inside of the bus after the operation is completed, the handrails, shelves, and armrests, which are often touched by users, are wiped with alcohol-sterilizing sheets.

In addition, the floor of the trunk room, where the travel bags are to be stored, was wiped up using a towel soaked with alcohol for disinfection.

On the other hand, when a driver who has finished driving returns to the business office, he enters the back door and separates the flow of traffic, and the driver has to wash his / her hands and gargle before entering the business office.

A 44-year-old male driver said, "I am worried that infection may occur due to carrying a large number of passengers. I try to thoroughly clean up more detailed parts than usual."

Sakura sightseeing bus manager Ryofusa Furuya said, "I knew that the driver was infected in Nara Prefecture, and immediately took thorough countermeasures, but I was very anxious because I couldn't understand the new coronavirus. I just pray to do it. "

Driver "Fear, anxious"

Bus drivers in Nara Prefecture have been infected with the new coronavirus, and bus drivers on site have expressed concerns.

A 40-year-old male driver driving a route bus in Kyoto Prefecture wears a mask when opening a crew and opens the driver's seat window to ventilate, but the inside of the car is crowded with passengers. It is said that when you are there, you may feel uneasy.

The driver said, "I'm worried that a single thin mask will really help. People who cough in the car will always be abnormally sensitive and fear that they will be infected by many passengers. Yes, since my bus driver in Nara has become infected, my colleagues have started to talk about the new coronavirus. I'm very anxious. "