New type pneumonia Report of improvement in symptoms after administration of antiviral drugs etc. 17:04 on February 3 in the United States and Thailand

Regarding the new coronavirus, which spreads mainly in China, cases have been reported overseas where the symptoms improved after administration of antiviral drugs under development or drugs that suppress the development of AIDS.

A research group such as the US CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported a medical journal, The New England Journal of Medicine, in a western state of Washington after staying in Wuhan, China. ".

According to the report, the man was hospitalized because of the infection with the virus, and developed symptoms of pneumonia.On the 7th day of hospitalization, he was given an antiviral drug under development as a treatment for Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Symptoms have improved, including eliminating the need for oxygen inhalation and calming fever.

The Thai Ministry of Health also announced at a press conference that Chinese patients had been treated with a combination of influenza and anti-AIDS drugs, but no coronavirus was detected and symptoms improved. did.

In each case, treatment has not been established, and further clinical trials are needed to determine safety and efficacy.

Expert "At this stage you should watch carefully"

Dr. Koichi Morita, director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University, is familiar with infectious diseases, saying, `` To confirm the effect, we will conduct scientific research through basic research such as animal experiments and clinical trials targeting more patients. You need to build up evidence and look carefully at this stage. "