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Harry and Meghan's arrival in Vancouver ignites the monarchists


Prince Harry and his wife Meghan's high-profile arrival in the Vancouver area electrifies Canadian monarchists

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex - Starface

  • Prince Harry and his wife Meghan's high-profile arrival in the Vancouver area electrifies Canadian monarchists
  • Their installation raises the hope of good deals among some traders in the Pacific metropolis.
  • It remains to be seen, however, where Harry, Meghan and their son will settle in the longer term.

Difficult for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to live in anonymity and tranquility. The high-profile arrival of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan in the Vancouver region electrifies Canadian monarchists and raises the hope of good business for certain merchants of the Pacific metropolis.

Raymond Greenwood, a convinced monarchist, went so far as to float on his house the royal standard, the personal flag of Queen Elizabeth II, to welcome the princely couple when he learned that they were going to settle In the region. Even if it is now largely symbolic, Queen Elizabeth is the head of state of Canada, parliamentary monarchy.

"A plus for us"

"I am very, very happy," jubilees Raymond Greenwood, president of a local club and volunteer in the tourism sector. "Who would not want the chance to meet Meghan walking her dogs in the neighborhood," he adds, jokingly suggesting that he could set up a stand to sell royal souvenirs there.

Bruce Hallsor, who heads the local chapter of the Monarchist League, would like to meet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at any social event. "Selfishly, we hope that even if Prince Harry and Meghan will reduce their official obligations, there will still be some for us," he said.

"It would be a plus for us," he added, rejecting criticism from those who criticize the couple for wanting to get rid of their obligations related to the monarchy.

"Risks of setting foot in a political minefield"

Residents interviewed are generally pleased with the young couple's arrival. Some hope for the commercial repercussions of the world-renowned Duke and Duchess of Sussex, living in a luxurious house in North Saanich, on the outskirts of Victoria in British Columbia.

Sales of Union Jack, the British flag, and other royal emblems have already increased according to Susan Braverman, manager of a souvenir shop in Vancouver.

She acknowledges being a “fan” of Meghan since the time when the former American actress appeared in the series Suits , filmed in Toronto. And like other new neighbors of the couple, she does not hold it against him for his decision to emancipate himself. "We all want to see our children grow up and become independent, right?" They are taking off, ”she says.

It remains to be seen, however, where Harry, Meghan and their son will settle in the longer term. Toronto, the economic capital of the country, also has advantages. This is where one of the Duchess' best friends lives, Jessica Mulroney - married to the son of a former Canadian Prime Minister - and it is there that she lived for several years during the filming of Suits .

Victoria Island, on the Pacific coast, is named after Harry's grandmother, Queen Victoria. And the region can eventually remind him of his native island, with its tea rooms and double-decker buses.

For his part, Edward Wang, a lawyer from Vancouver and a lover of royal exegesis, warns of the political pitfalls that could await Harry and Meghan in their public statements.

The couple are in favor of the fight against climate change, which can only meet the agreement of a good part of Canadians, but risks alienating the defenders of the oil industry in a country which is among the main hydrocarbon producers.

"There are certainly risks in setting foot in a political minefield," said the lawyer. Who submits disinterested advice to help them integrate better: work their French, Canada's second official language. A language that Harry's grandmother masters very well.


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