Highway bus and mini passenger car collided head-on One person died and three injured Chiba Choshi January 26, 11:19


On the morning of the 26th, there was an accident where a mini passenger car and a high-speed bus collided head-on on a national highway on Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture.The man who was driving the mini passenger car died, and three people, a bus driver and passengers, were injured. did.

At around 7:00 am on the 26th, a light passenger car crashed into a bus shelter on a national highway on Misaki-cho, Choshi-shi, after a frontal collision with a highway bus.

In this accident, a man who was driving a light passenger car was hit hard by the entire body and died, and three people, a 40-year-old driver of a highway bus and two female passengers in their thirties, all had their feet and arms. I was injured to bruise.

According to police, at the time of the accident, the express bus was carrying three passengers from Choshi City to Hamamatsucho in Tokyo.

The site is a straight lane with one lane on each side, and police are rushing to confirm the identity of the deceased man and listening to the bus passengers to investigate the situation.