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Plagiarism or simple inspiration ? The courts will say the last word in this litigation that confronts Zara and the Amiri company, a brand with punk and grunge influences from the 80s and 90s that accuses Amancio Ortega's company of copying the design of one of his jeans .

And as the comparisons are odious, in this case too, because the truth is that both models seem like two drops of water in almost everything, except in the price.

The pants designed by the American Mike Amiri - who wear, among other celebs, Madonna , Lebron James and Kanye West - are the MX2 model , which is sold on the firm's website for more than a thousand dollars. A garment that is characterized by combining denim with zippers and leather details on the knees that was put on sale in January 2019. And that at the end of the year they had what looked like a “twin brother” in Inditex stores: 'Combination Skinny Biker' jeans, with the same details and in the same places but with a big difference, the price.

Although the 'Combination Skinny Biker' are no longer available on the Zara website , the US company requires Inditex compensation of almost three million dollars to cover the damages caused to the brand and the fees of its lawyers. "All the differentiating aspects of these pants are intended to emulate" Amiri's model, defends the company in the lawsuit it has filed before a federal court in Los Angeles. "Taking into account the infinite number of ways in which jeans can be designed, the only possible conclusion is that Zara plagiarized every last detail of the design," they defend.

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