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Weinstein trial: "He raped me, I was afraid for my life," says actress Annabella Sciorra

She testified for almost five hours. Her voice raised, briefly swallowing a few tears, the actress Annabella Sciorra assured the twelve jurors: “I tried to push him away. I punched and kicked. He immobilized me and raped me. In the accused's box, on the second day of the pleadings of this emblematic trial of the #MeToo movement, Harvey Weinstein remained impassive.

Gloria storm: death toll rises to 11 in Spain, four people still missing

If it ravages the Spanish and French coasts, the Gloria storm claimed at least 11 victims in Spain, according to a latest report from local authorities. Research is underway to find at least four missing persons. Visiting Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, two of the most affected regions, the head of the socialist government Pedro Sanchez announced the holding on Friday of an "emergency meeting to activate all the mechanisms" to respond to the damage caused by these bad weather . "We are not going to skimp on resources," he promised.

Pension reform: Full career, hardship, worth of points ... The answers of LREM member Olivier Véran to your questions

While the two bills creating a "universal system" of pensions by points are presented in the Council of Ministers this Friday, 20 Minutes offered to send your questions to a defender of the bill, the deputy La République en marche Olivier Véran, one of the reformers at the National Assembly. Pivotal age, full career, consideration of arduousness ... Come and discover the answers of deputy LREM to your questions


Inequalities: "We are the opposite of the solidarity society advocated by Abbé Pierre", says Christophe Robert

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