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Should I go out early and go out of school? Gifu


About elementary school and junior high school in Gifu prefecture about the rules of school, even if children go out of school early, K is instructing not to go out until around 4 pm…

Should I go out early and go out of school? Gifu Jan 21 17:28

NHK found that some elementary and junior high schools in Gifu Prefecture are instructing children to stay out until around 4:00 pm even if they leave early. Children and school officials have called the "four o'clock rule," and some have begun signing activities to revise this guidance.

Guidance called "four o'clock rule" requires that when a class ends by noon and children go out of school, elementary school students should stay at home until 3:00 pm and junior high school students should stay at home until 4:00 pm Interviewed the Board of Education and found that it was held at schools in 36 municipalities out of 42 municipalities.

The "four o'clock rule" is rarely stipulated in school regulations, and it means that each school teaches orally.

The Board of Education determined that the reason for the guidance was at the discretion of each school, and then said, "There are many families where parents are absent from work and teachers have training and can not cope with troubles." Because they take part in classes, it creates inequity. "

NHK asked the children that they violated the rules. Some schools offered guidance in a private room and asked them to submit their reflections. Have been

The owner of the cram school, which conducts the opposite signing activity on the Internet, said, "Some students have protested against the teacher, but they are saying" I'm determined, "or" I'm going to break the rules. " I want them to create a place where they can discuss and give free opinions. "

Source: nhk

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