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The rewriting of 'procés' and its impunity


In a time where deliberate distortion of reality is so easy, they call it true, the battles for the story have become undisputed protagonists of the

In a time where deliberate distortion of reality is so easy, they call it true, the battles for the story have become undisputed protagonists of politics . And, thus, to give a dramatic example, we attend daily attempts to launder whitening of those who even jumped the ETA murders the day before yesterday because some of them should not be victorious and defeated, nor real memory of the victims. The same is happening with the process . This country has been facing the greatest challenge for years since the recovery of democracy, with a blow against the constitutional order that did not end with the 1-O and with the unilateral declaration of independence of the Parliament on the eve of the escape of Puigdemont , but continues Live and on the go. And the seriousness of the events that have already taken place was unequivocally proven in a trial in which the leaders of the process were convicted. It is a truism. And, nevertheless, the weakness and the claudicante entreguismo of those who govern Spain today allow the secessionists to try to build a story at will that will end up glorifying the coup plotters with the active collaboration of those who have the first obligation to defend the rule of law.

In the impossible attempt to satisfy the voracity of his independentista partners, Sanchez stars in a self-amendment to the whole of Catalonia that is not because it seeks to "dejudicialize the political conflict" , but rather translates into impunity for the seditious and to facilitate them to comply his objectives. The independence parties are so grown up and such is the derision that the Spaniards are allowed today that the Government announced yesterday the release of imprisoned politicians, starting with Junqueras , to participate in a masquerade as the commission of inquiry in the Parlament on the application of 155. We have no doubt that these convicted for sedition and embezzlement of public flows have much to say about the validity of the Constitution in Catalonia. Nor that from that stupid commission will come new claudication requirements to Sanchez to everyone's shame .

Thus the story of what happened these years is being rewritten. ERC and Torra have the president of the Government as a notary. By way of Penelope, the wife of Ulysses, what Justice weaves on the one hand in defense of our constitutional order, he already takes care of the other part of weaving it . It was yesterday a lazy day in this regard. The Central Electoral Board, first, in strict compliance with its functions, and the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia, later, have disabled Torra, convicted of a crime of disobedience. But the Prosecutor's Office, which Sanchez undisguisedly manages as if it were one more department of his Government , was not long in coming to the aid of the president and supporting him, urging the stoppage of the disqualification until the Supreme Court pronounces. It is about gaining months so that the puppet of Puigdemont does not press the button of the electoral advance and Moncloa can at least start ERC some Budgets. And, in parallel, while Justice tombs six of the so-called embassies of the Generalitat, the Government, denying the policy developed by Borrell , rushes to give him the placet to open three others. How easy it is to break the law when your ultimate guarantor is on the side of the one who commits a crime Matter of story.

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