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Khalifa wants to become a caliph


“It would be nice if Libya became a single country. Despite the war, there are already 7.2 million people. Despite the war, there has been an active population growth. They fought - and that's enough. Since 2011, fighting. True, not as intense as the Europeans were able to fight before, but the destruction is darkness. ”

On January 13, Libyans arrived in Moscow: the head of the PNS (government of national accord) Faiz Sarraj and the head of the LNA (Libyan National Army) Khalifa Haftar. There are still a number of Libyans arrived, but these two are the main ones.

The Russian idea was that the Libyans would arrive and sign an armistice agreement.

Sarraj signed, Haftar did not. And he flew away, citing the fact that he should familiarize himself with the text of the agreement of his allies - the leaders of the tribes.

So that you better understand, I will try to briefly explain what both sides represent and how everything is there.

Field Marshal Haftar came out of the city of Benghazi with his army, went, capturing the cities (Sirte among others) and towns, to Tripoli and is now trying to take the capital. Haftar gave the order for an attack on Tripoli on April 4, 2019.

In Benghazi, the Libyan parliament is located, and in Tripoli - the government of national unity. So that you do not think of something else, there is, in fact, a clash of two branches of government - this is a clash of the country's parliament and the country's government. Now everything looks more meaningful and more civilized, or maybe you thought that there was a clash of two gangs.

Now about Haftar. The old military leader (born in 1943), once a comrade-in-arms of Gaddafi, participated with him in the overthrow of King Idris in 1969.

A man of complex and intricate fate. And he studied at the Frunze Academy (knows Russian), but lived in the United States for 20 years.

I suppose that the person is very ambitious and, undoubtedly, very tenacious. The most powerful military leader of Libya - as Libyans themselves think. He was repeatedly declared either a political corpse or simply a corpse (for example, according to some sources, he allegedly had lung cancer).

Rumor has it (and there is reason to believe them) that Russia supports Haftar. And, it is absolutely indisputable (this is no longer a rumor) that Sarraj is supported by armed Islamists, among them there are IG * units.

Why did Haftar leave Moscow without signing an agreement?

And here are two reasons, the most basic:

- For Haftar, it is unacceptable that the agreement does not contain the terms for the dissolution of armed groups supporting the PNS. Generally does not contain. Haftar would like them to be disarmed and disbanded within 45 to 90 days;

- Haftar wants Turkey to remove its soldiers from Libya. But there is nothing in the agreement on this subject. There is Turkey’s unacceptable participation in Haftar in monitoring the ceasefire.

Therefore, Haftar spent nothing in Moscow and, returning to Libya, resumed the offensive on Tripoli.

Now, as never before, Haftar has the hope of taking Tripoli. And he does not want to be disturbed. (We must pay tribute to him - in his attack on Tripoli, Haftar intentionally does not actually use aircraft or bombing from the air due to the dense population of the Libyan capital. Well, a humanist, consider, in comparison with other forces, well, in comparison with the Islamic State - so certainly a humanist.)

If there was no hope of taking Tripoli, would Haftar fly away, as they say, “slam the door”, in complete disrespect for the owners? Hope appeared, since even the very fact that his opponent Sarraj turned for international help indicates that the Tripoli government has weakened. They were tired, and human resources were exhausted.

A summit on Libya is scheduled for January 19 in Berlin. He has high hopes. But there are so many participants: too many participants, too many! Due to the fact that Libya has very decent oil reserves (they have all been captured by Haftar).

The composition of the summit in Berlin: Germany (initiated by Frau Merkel), Russia, France, China, Great Britain, Italy, Turkey, UAE. Invited to Berlin and the neighbors of Libya - Algeria and Egypt. As well as representatives of the African Union, UN, EU and the League of Arab States. Putin promised.

In my opinion, this number of participants portends failure. They will pull the Libyan cart in all sorts of directions, often opposite. France, for example, supports Haftar, while Italy supports the government of national consent of Sarraj.

Both Sarraj and Haftar are invited. Both agreed. Almost immediately, Sarraj, and January 16, Haftar.

It would be nice if Libya became a single country. Despite the war, there are already 7.2 million people. Despite the war, there has been an active population growth.

They fought - and that's enough. Since 2011, fighting. True, not as intense as the Europeans knew how to fight before, but the destruction is darkness.

Maybe because we are the same age as him or because he knows Russian, I am for the old field marshal. May he become a caliph. May the Khalifa finally become a caliph.

* “Islamic State” (IG) - the organization was recognized as terrorist by decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2014.

The author’s point of view may not coincide with the position of the publisher.

Source: russiart

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